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What is the Value of a 5 dollar bill that is printed off the paper?

Alignment errors on U.S. currency vary significantly in value. If the image is still all within the borders of the paper it's considered a minor error and is generally worth v (MORE)
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How do you print a paper?

Well you put paper in the printer. That's number 1 :)2. Make sure it's plugged in and plugged in to your laptop or computer. 3. Write what you want to print in microsoft. 4. g (MORE)
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Why is my fingernail lifting from finger?

It could mean a lot of things, for instance, if your nail is very long, it might just be breaking off so that it's shorter, or maybe you banged it against or in between someth (MORE)
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Swollen knuckle on ring finger with pain that radiates off and on the entire finger what could this be. I have not had any trauma but lifted something very heavy?

Swollen knuckles are symptoms of nerve pain and osteoarthritis and here in canada doctors are to slow or just too dumb not to recognize wonder why our health system i (MORE)
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What is that paper called that you can print something off and then iron it onto t-shirt?

Inkjet transfer paper is used for transferring images from your computer print out to t-shirts or other cotton or blended fabrics. You have to pay attention to whether t hey a (MORE)
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Can you get a finger print off a rock?

fingerprints are left from oil that is on the surface of your skin, so it would depend on the type of rock used. for example if this rock was covered in dirt, the fingerprint (MORE)
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Do you have to have finger prints?

Finger prints are natural occurences, resulting from the way your skin sheds its upper skin cells. They will always exist and will regrow, however, they can be altered by scar (MORE)
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Is Xerox Paper printing paper?

Xerox Paper, that is, paper sold with the Xerox brand on it, is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some are suited only for very special functions, but the major (MORE)
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What does lifting a finger mean?

I'm assuming you heard someone say "don't lift a finger" - themeaning should be fairly obvious if you think about it. If youdon't move anything, even a finger, you're just sit (MORE)
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Do finger prints grow back if they're worn off?

I had to get fingerprinted for my job as well as for school and clinicals over a year and a half ago. At that time, both the FBI as well as my place of employment had to take (MORE)
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Can police get finger prints off of a car when its raining out?

A guarded yes. It depends on what made the fingerprint. Heavy grease or superglue is more likely to leave a print on a wet, smooth surface than a print from finger soaked in (MORE)
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What is an finger print?

a finger print is the circular print on the inside of your hand