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Would a vivitar 2600-d work on a Nikon d40 digital camera?

Yes, it will. I just recently surfaced my old 2600-D and tried it out with my D40 and it works perfectly. I believe you need to have the built-in flash setting set to manual, (MORE)
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New Nikon D60 Advantages?

I recommend you to see Youtube Video about Nikon D60 and you'll get know of all Nikon D60 Advantages.
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How does the Nikon D60 compare with the Nikon D40x?

Well the D60 is better because it is more advanced, it has better quality (6 megapixels vs. 10 megapixels). If you buy the kit, the 18-55mm lens will come with vibration reduc (MORE)
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Where can you buy Nikon d60 battery?

Buy Nikon D60 battery, and you will save 20%! Full one year warranty! Website:
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Nikon d60 features?

Image sensor 23.6 x 15.8 mm CCD sensor. Total pixels 10.75 million. Image size (pixels) 3,872 x 2,592. Viewfinder;. Focusing screen;. Shutter speed 1/4,000 to 30 s i (MORE)
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Nikon d60 vs nikon d80?

The D60 is much lighter and smaller. It is better if you mostly shoot with Auto or Program Mode The D80 (and D90) is heavier and bigger but has better controls for manual adj (MORE)
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Will Pentax smc lenses fit a Nikon camera?

No, unless you make an adapter for it. Surprisingly, the Nikon bayonet lens will fit the Pentax K body. Only loosely. Infinity is incorrect but if you handle it carefully, (MORE)
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How much do Nikon camera lenses cost?

This depends on what type of camera you use and where you decide to buy them. The cheapest (standard) lenses average a cost between $134 and close to $500. The more specialize (MORE)
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How old is the Canon D60 camera?

The Canon D60 was announced on Feb. 22, 2002. That means the first cameras would now be over a decade old. This model has been discontinued, so you cannot buy them new from th (MORE)
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Where can you buy Nikon camera lenses?

A Nikon camera lens can be purchased from all good photography and electronics stores. Alternatively, try webpage stores such as Ebay or Amazon for a deal.
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Where can one read reviews on Nikon camera lenses?

You can read reviews on Nikon Camera lenses at dedicated photography sites such as Nikon USA, KenRockwell, and Photography Life. You can also read these reviews at stores that (MORE)