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What cell phones use Android?

Some samples of Android phones are the HTC G1, Nexus One,Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a, Samsung Behold II, Motorola Cliq and many more.
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How do you use Skype on an Android mobile phone?

On the Skype website, you can find all the necessary instructions. You basically have to input your mobile number to get a link to install the Skype application. (See detai (MORE)
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Does the Android tablet need cell phone service?

Cell phone service is not mandatory for an Android Tablet. A Tablet whether Android or Ipad can happily work with Wifi connectivity - if you need to use any internet enabled a (MORE)
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What is the use of android in mobile phones?

Android is a OS or Operationg System for Devices just like Windowsis a Operating system for Computers. Its the Software that tellsthey devices how to function.
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How do you use speed dial on your Android phone?

First Setup number from 2 to 9 for Speed dialing,by default 1 is set for Voice Mail Number. On Keypad display, long press the speed dial set number when finger is released, (MORE)
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What are uses of android phone?

Everything. It starts with entertainment through thousands of games and eventually ends at the high tech geek stuff like USB tethering and mass storage. Basically everything (MORE)
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How do you use emulator roms on your Android phone?

First, save the emulator .apk file to the sd card, and the relevant rom file to the sd card (make sure it's unzipped). Use file manager on the phone to select the .apk file an (MORE)
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What Android phones have android 2.3.3?

The current and most advanced version of the Android Operating system (2.3.4) can be found on the Nexus class of phones, most notably the Nexus S and Nexus 1. However, all dev (MORE)
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What is the use of Android phones?

Android is the operating has lot of advantages .it supports around 2 million of apps. .depending upon the update. and the theme are also good. you get all necessary (MORE)
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Who manufactured the first phone that used Android?

Andy Rubin was the first person who developed the Android phone in2004. It was a small company. After the release of the iPhone in2007, Google bought Android for 50 million to (MORE)
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Can you use an Android phone as a WiFi hotspot for ATT phones?

There are two ways to do this. The easy way: Add tethering to your account through AT&T's site and pay an additional fee on your monthly bill. The hard (but free) way: (MORE)
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Can Indian Android phones be used in foreign?

Are you asking if Indian Android phones can be used outside ofIndia? If that is your question, and I'm not familiar with theIndian mobile market, but an Android phone could be (MORE)
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What is uses of rooted android phone?

The uses of a rooted android phone are it helps unlock the hiddenfeatures, automates everything, helps block ads in any app andhelps remove pre-installed crapware.
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Which are the use full apps for android phone?

Juice Defender is a useful Android app because it is designed todisable other apps that are not in use to prevent them fromdraining your battery. Screebl is another useful app (MORE)
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Can i use my android phone as a modem?

Yes, you can make your Android phone as a modem, or more appropriately, a wi-fi hotspot. It is in Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Tethering & Portable Hotspot. Once in there (MORE)