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How are caries treated?

Caries (tooth decay) may be treated several ways, depending on where the decay is located, how extensive the decay is, and whether the tooth is considered 'important' to the p (MORE)
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What are radiation caries?

Radiation caries are dental cavities that occur as a result of receiving radiation treatment to the head and neck region for cancer. An unfortunate side effect of radiation (MORE)
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What are theories of dental caries?

Chemical (acid) theory. Parmly (1819) proposed that an unidentified "chymical agent" was responsible for caries. According to this theory, teeth are destroyed by the acids (MORE)
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Who is the founder of Cary?

I guess it depends upon which Cary you are talking about. If you're talking about my hometown, Cary, North's your answer from the Town of Cary website: Today (MORE)
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Who were Cary Grant's parents?

Cary Grant (born Archibald Leach) was born in 1904 to Elsie Maria Kingdon and Elias James Leach.
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What did Marie carie discover?

Radium is a chemical element Polonium is a chemical element Both were discovered by Marie Curie
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Where and who is Cary Guffey?

Cary Guffey was the child actor who played "Barry" in Close in Counters of the Third Kind in 1977. Barry was the little boy who was abducted by the aliens, and then later retu (MORE)
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Who does Carys go out with?

Sam Reed. Sam Reed. Who is Sam Reed??. Sam Reed is the guy in this link please watch guys :)
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What is a Cary fish?

A Cary fish is a big fish with a big mouth to catch krill and small fish A Cary fish is a big fish with a big mouth to catch krill and small fish
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Who is Kate Cary?

Kate Cary is one of the three authors behind the name Erin Hunter . She writes the Warriors and Seekers series with Victoria Holmes, Tui Sutherland and Cherith Baldry. Ka (MORE)
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Causes of caries?

Caries (tooth decay) is a result of acid-producing bacteria in your mouth consuming simple carbohydrates (sugars). Bacteria convert sugars to acid, the acid breaks down the en (MORE)
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How can you get dental caries?

lack of brushing teeth, plaque not being removed on the teeth, acid on the enamel surface of the tooth, bacteria presenting in the mouth, carbohydrates(sugar, and starches) re (MORE)
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Who is Cary Grant?

Cary Grant is a legendary actor (January 18, 1904 - November 29, 1986) who is known for his superb acting skills, fantastically good looks, and debonair attitude on the big sc (MORE)
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Was Cary Grant bi-sexual?

He denied it. Speculation focused on him because he shared a house in his bachelor days and between his early marriages with fellow film star Randolph Scott. Grant's third wi (MORE)
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What is the role of eubacteria in dental caries?

Nice, we had the same textbook and had trouble on the same question. I'm probably too late to help you out but for anyone else having the same issue... Eubacteria is the caus (MORE)
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How old is Cary Middlecoff?

Cary Middlecoff was born on January 6, 1921 and died on September 1, 1998. Cary Middlecoff would have been 77 years old at the time of death or 94 years old today.
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What is coronal caries?

Coronal cavities is the most common form in all ages. Coronal cavities are cavities of the visible part of the tooth (crown), usually on chewing surfaces or between teeth.
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In what movies has Cary Grant appearred?

Cary Grant starred in 74 movies from 1932 until Walk Don't Runwhich was released in 1966. Other movies include Father Goose, AnAffair to Remember, Houseboat, The Bachelor and (MORE)
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In what movies has Cary Grant starred?

Cary Grant starred in 74 movies from 1932 until Walk Don't Runwhich was released in 1966. Other movies include Father Goose, AnAffair to Remember, Houseboat, The Bachelor and (MORE)
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Are moths Cary?

do u mean scary if u do then yes they bite u suck your blood then leave u 2 die. div style=%22BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(; PADDI (MORE)
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What are the names of Cary Grant wives?

1. Virginia Cherrill (1934-35) 2. Barbara Hutton (1942-45) 3. Betsy Drake (1949-62) 4. Dyan Cannon (1965-68) 5. Barbara Harris (1981-86) - Grant died in '86.
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Who did Cary Grant marry?

Grant was married five times: to Virginia Charell, to Barbara Hutton, to Betsy Drake, to Dyan Cannon, and to Barbara Harris. The last one was the only one to not end in divorc (MORE)
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What was the sexual orientation of Cary grant?

No credible evidence exists that Grant ever had sexual interactionswith any male at any time in his life. Yes. No, There is no proof that Cary Grant was gay or bisexual nobody (MORE)
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Who is judy that Cary Grant reference?

People who imitate and parody Cary Grant invariably use the phrase "Judy, Judy, Judy." The reason was a mystery to Grant himself, who never used that phrase in a film, on stag (MORE)
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Who is Cary Krell?

Born January 27, 1936 in Vienna, Austria Cary, the daughter of Diana (Rosenzweig) and Willi Krell, was born in Vienna, Austria. Her father was the managing director of a knit (MORE)
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What is backward caries?

Whenever the spread of caries along the dej exceeds cone in enamel, the caries extends into the enamel from the junction
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Did Cary Grant's mother ever see Cary Grant?

Yes. After 20 years of thinking his mother was dead after being told that as a boy, when he was 30 years old, his dying father admitted that he had admitted Elsie, his mother, (MORE)
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What is cari in French?

Cari (sometimes spelled 'carri' or 'carry') is a recipe of creole cuisine involving rice as the staple food, pieces of meat or fish and usually a spicy sauce.
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What is carying capacity?

The amount of organisms that can live in an area with enough resources to go around.
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What is caris in Spanish?

Do you mean 'caries' (decay, esp. dental)? If so, it is the same in Spanish, but pronounced 'CAHree-ess'
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What is arrested caries?

"Caries" is a synonym for dental cavities. Arrested caries are cavities that have been stopped from developing further by having the appropriate dental work done on them.