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Who is Cathy Freeman?

Cathy Freeman is an indigenous Australian who is a successful Olympic and Commonwealth Games sprinter. She is particularly well-known for her brilliant, nail-biting finish in ( Full Answer )
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When did Cathy Freeman die?

Cathy Freeman, an Australian sprinter who won a gold medal for the400 meter event, was born February 16th, 1973. She is 41 years old. Cathy Freeman is currently still alvie.
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What were Cathy Freeeman's hobbies as a kid?

As a child, Cathy Freeman spent most of her time playing withfriends. In her teens, she bagan sprinting and became a goldmedalist at 16.
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Why is Cathy Hughes famous?

Cathy Hughes is famous for a number of things including radio,television and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of the mediacompany known as Radio One.
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Does Cathy Freeman have a book out?

yes she wrote a book called 'Born to Run'. Cathy Freeman has a few books out i have read two of them i found both very inspiring:0 'Born to run' is the kids version and 'cath ( Full Answer )
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What tribe is Cathy Freeman from?

Cathy Freeman is part of the Aboriginal tribes of Kuku Yalangi andBirri Gubba. She was born in Mackay, Queensland.
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Who are Cathy Freeman's sponsor's?

Cathy Freeman has a few sponsors. Her main sponsor of all time wasNike, where she met her husband.
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Why is Cathy Freeman well known?

She was the first Australian aboriginal to win an Olympic gold medal in an individual event (400 meter run in the 2000 Games).. She was a female icon for many aboriginals tha ( Full Answer )
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Who is in Cathy Freemans family?

she has three brothers(Gavin,Garth and Norman)also has a sister call Ann-Marie who had died of cerebral palsy parents- father- Norman Freeman Mother- Cecelia stepfather- Bruce ( Full Answer )
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What is Cathy Freeman's religion?

She is a non-religion but she approves of the Baha'i faith that declares all men equal.
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Is Cathy Freeman a legend?

Yes. Because she has represented Australia and has won so many gold, silver and bronze medals. Yes. Because she has represented Australia and has won so many gold, silver ( Full Answer )
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About Cathy cassidy?

Cathy Cassidy is a very good author. She writtes loads of books and visits places in her caravan. Visit her website.
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When did Cathy Freeman start running?

Cathy freeman started running in grade 1 when her class teacher told her she should have a go at school sports and since then shes carried on running
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Why is Cathy freeman remembered?

As an excellent indigenous Australian athlete and a trailblazer for indigenous athletes at the Olympics.
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Does Cathy Freeman have any pets?

She has a Cat and Dog . She has a Cat,dog,man,hippo,elaphant,snake,people,dead people and ugly people . She has a Cat,dog,man,hippo,elaphant,snake,people,dead people and u ( Full Answer )
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What is Cathy Freeman's background?

Cathy Freeman is from Aboriginal, English and Chinese background. Her ancestors belonged to these three backgrounds. For more info watch the SBS program "Who do you think you ( Full Answer )
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Cathy Freeman's favourite food?

Steamed fish, pumpkin, broccoli, basmati rice with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and lemon juice
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How did Cathy Freeman overcome discrimination?

By being proud of her roots and having total belief in herself and her abilities along with a strong will and determination. After winning gold at the 1994 Commonwealth Games ( Full Answer )
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What does Cathy cox do?

Kathy Cox was elected as Georgia's State Superintendent of Schools in November 2002 and was overwhelmingly re-elected in November 2006. Since taking office, Superintendent Cox ( Full Answer )
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A film mulaka mulaka Cathy Cathy Cathy?

the film was about a studant at collage and he had to look after someone who lived in the belltower of the collage this person couldn't talk and fell for a girl called Cathy C ( Full Answer )
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Who is Cathy Coonley?

Cathy Coonley is the mother of two of Gordon Lightfoot's 6 children. Also she is credited for the cover picture of "Endless Wire" and a photo of her is included in the sam ( Full Answer )
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Which is correct between Cathy and I or between Cathy and me?

Between "Cathy and me" is correct. "Between" is a preposition, and you use "me" as the object of a preposition. Always try it with another proposition, such as "for," and make ( Full Answer )
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Who is Cathy nguyen?

She is the girl from several videos made by WongFuProductions. Everyone thinks that Cathy is dating Wesley Chan (one of the Wong Fu guys)
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What about Cathy jean?

Cathy Jean and the Roomates was a fine ( Doo-wop) rock group in the early sixties, US grown (Pre-Beatles) their best song was adapted from the l933 classic by Grace Lamour ( L ( Full Answer )
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What is Cathy in Spanish?

Catalina ( also an Island, an airplane ( PBY5A) and a car by Pontiac- means Catherine in Spanish- Santa Catalina- St. Catherine"s Island. ( watch out for Broken Ties!)
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Who is Cathy codex on Poptropica?

Cathy Codex is a purple dressed girl with a purple dress, pure pearl earrings, large purple glasses, tiny dark eyes, and slick black hair held back in a bun by a purple scrunc ( Full Answer )
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What are some negatives for Cathie Black?

Well 2 start off with she was beaten up in college by her dad, and later that day he got sick. this is one negative for cathie black watever her name iz
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Is Cathy Ireland Irish?

She's American. But it could be possible that she has Irish blood somewhere but it's unknown if that's true or not.
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How old is Cathy Freeman's husband?

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What was Cathy Freeman's first Olympics?

Her first Olympics was in the 1992 Olympics which were held in Barcelona, Spain. she competed in the 4x400m relay and the team came in at 7th place
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What is Cathy freeman known for?

Cathy Freeman is most known for being an Australian sprinter who specialized in the 400m dash. She won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Australia, as well as ( Full Answer )
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What difficulties did Cathy Freeman have to overcome?

\n. \n. During her childhood, her and other australian Aboriginals suffered discrimination from white Australians. \n. Her family did not have a lot of money. \n. She was ( Full Answer )
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When did Cathy freeman get in the Olympics?

She first competed in Atlanta in 1996 and won the silver metal in 400m and then again in Sidney in 2000 when she won the gold in the same event.
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What is a pronoun for Cathy?

The name 'Cathy' is most often the name of a female. The pronouns that take the place of a singular noun form a femaleare: . she and her , personal pronouns . hers , poss ( Full Answer )
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Is Cathy a pronoun?

No, the word 'Cathy' is a noun , a word for a person. The noun 'Cathy' is a proper noun, the name of a specific person. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun i ( Full Answer )