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Who is Chinas leader?

China's current President is Hu Jintao , and the Premier is Wen Jiabao.
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What is chinas religion?

Officially, they are atheist. Unofficially, they probably have everything.
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What is Chinas agriculture?

China grows crops such as rice, wheat, tea, and potatoes. They alsogrow millet, barley, and cotton, as well as raise fish.
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Why are there two Chinas?

It might seem that there are two Chinas, but there is only one. Thecountry of China is divided up into provinces that each governthemselves, but also are under the direction o (MORE)
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What is Chinas motto?

There is not an official motto for the country of China. Mottos ofcountries or states are often found on flags or coins from thecountry.
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What is Chinas religon?

Communism made religion illegal so officially it is atheism.
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What is Chinas region?

If you are asking what religion is practiced in China the answer is primarily Buddhism and Daoism, plus Islam and Christianity, but the government of China is atheistic and no (MORE)
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How is Chinas economy?

It is pretty good, as it is the second largest growing economy with United States at 1st.
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Who was Chinas leader?

During the Cold war, China was led by its iconic leader, MaoZedong, who pledged his country's support and allegiance to theSoviet Union in 1949. Later that year, the People's (MORE)
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What is 'China' in Italian?

Cina is an Italian equivalent of 'China'. It's a feminine gender noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the']. It's pronounced 'CHEE-nah'.
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Who is Chinas king?

Today China's government is trying to over through the meaning of a king meaning they will not have a king anymore due to lose of population of China and deaths over 2 million (MORE)
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What are Chinas laws?

well, im not a Chinese expert, but there is a law, which keeps China's population a bit more under control, and th(Im a fcking idiot) at is more or less every couple in the co (MORE)
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What is Chinas Belief?

this years Chinese belief is the year of the golden pig every year the animal changes.
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Where are Chinas rivers?

The Yangtze river starts from Qinghai and ends in Shanghai . the Yellow river also known as Huang He starts in the mountains of Qinghai and ends in the Boihai sea near Beijin (MORE)
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What is Chinas latitude?

Approximate latitude: 18°15′N to 53°30′N Approximate longitude:74°E
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Where is Chinas capital?

Beijing is the capital city ofChina. The city is located in northern China.
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What is Chinas landscape?

China's landscape is very different and has many varieties including Mountains, lowlands, grasslands, deserts, rivers and many more
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What are Chinas holidays?

(My name is HannahD) China has a lot of holidays one of them is the Dragon Boat Festival were they race boats and the boats have dragon faces on the boat. And some others are (MORE)
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What is chinas clothing?

The people of china dress much like americans, but as for the wealthy and style savy, there are many different styles to choose from. Many teenage girls in China like to dress (MORE)