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Where is Chris Smith now?

Chris Smith is the President of One Life Entertainment, an Atlanta,Georgia record label.
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Where is Chris Smith from Kris Kross?

He quit rapping after Chris Kelly died. Nobody else would've agreed to wear their clothes backwards. And it was too many painful memories.
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How old is Chris Smith?

Chris Smith is 57 years old (birthdate: March 4, 1953).
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How old is Chris Smith from Kris Kross?

Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith is 38 years old (born January 10, 1979). With James "Mac Daddy" Kelly (1978-2013), he performed in the duo Kris Kross .
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Is jr Smith better than his brother chris Smith?

i think chris smith is a little better than his brother some games. i am a big fan of j.r smith and chris smith and j.r smith played some good games over his season at the new (MORE)
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When did chris Smith of Kris Smith die?

Chris Smith of Kris Kross is alive and perfectly healthy. ChrisKelly of Kris Kross died of an overdose of heroin and cocaine mixalso known as 8 ball on May 1st 2013 at the age (MORE)