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Who was Clara Barton?

Also known as: Clarissa Harlowe Barton Born: 1821 Died: 1912 Occupation: founder of the American Red Cross More Info: Clarissa Harlow Barton, who went by the nam ( Full Answer )
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What did Clara Barton do?

she was the founder of the American Red Cross Association, nursed those in the Civil War and founded a graveyard for those who died
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Who was Clara Breed?

Clara (1906-1994) was a California librarian who maintained contact with & supplied Japanese-American children who had been interned at the relocation camps during WWII with l ( Full Answer )
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How was Clara barton?

Clara Barton brought the American red cross from Europe. A second important thing she did was, because of her 20,000 soldier's were found. Yes, that is alot of people missing ( Full Answer )
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Who is Clara barton what did she do?

Clara Barton was One of the only female nurses to work at the battle front. Clara Barton was also the creator of the red cross.
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Who is Clara lim?

Is a Filipino National Scientist widely regarded for her contributions in the fields of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.
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Is Clara gay?

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Who is Clara Ma?

Clara Ma is a twelve-year-old from Sunflower Elementary in Lenexa, Kansas. She submitted the winning entry to name NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover. Her entry was called " ( Full Answer )
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What was Clara famous for?

She was famous, because she founded the National Red Cross. Thiswas an influential movement in medicine history, because itprovided medicine for people in the war.