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How do you program a Emerson jumbo universal remote?

Code search by device: Turn on device you want to control (TV, VCR, DVD) Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button until the red indicator light remains red, then release (MORE)
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Emerson jumbo universal remote code for Motorola 2200?

Try this: Press the CODE SEARCH button for 3 seconds after the light comes on press the CABLE button Then press 0 5 1 The light should go off. Press the ON/OFF butto (MORE)
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What is the Emerson jumbo universal remote code for a dynex tv?

Ok it took me a long time to figure this out but i got it.. the correct code is 135 and i was shocked to learn that almost every button actually works with that code. i was (MORE)
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What is the Dish network remote control code for the Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote?

I have provided instructions on how to program your DISH remote to your TV and the available TV codes. 632, 652, 679,682, 692, 661, 662, 657, 658, and 526. . Remotes: B (MORE)
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What is the Emerson jumbo remote control codes for a citizen tv?

citizen codes 001, 004, 008, 009, 042, 053, 058, 105, 109, 177 If none of those work, you can also let the remote scan for the right code by turning on your device, pressing (MORE)
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How do you program my Emerson jumbo universal remote theres no code search button?

Solution Jumbo Remote with out the code search button. Here are the instructions: Hold the device button you want to program for 3 seconds & release. Push & release the (MORE)