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What US Code lists requirements for US flag to be flown at Military posts?

Answer The Federal Flag Code prescribes the proper display of and respect for the United States Flag. Each state has its own flag law. PUBLIC LAW 94 - 344 specifies: Se (MORE)
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Military code names?

Terms like Torch and Barbaeosa were established an used by specific countries in the planning of various operations for security reasons. Some individuals with Top Secret (MORE)
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What is the Uniform Code of Military Justice?

Answer . The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the law by which themilitary services operate. It is the Constitution, Bill or Rightsand the law for the soldier. It is used (MORE)
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What is the military alphabet code?

The Alphebet code they use is called the Phonetic Alphbet. it goes as follows. This is not a "code". It is a Phonetic Alphabet. A "code" implies something that is secret and (MORE)
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What is the Military alphebet code?

Learn how to spell 'alphAbet', enter 'military alphabet' in Google and you might be surprised how easy life is...
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Is the area code 301 used by military?

Area code 301 is located in Maryland, including the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There are numerous military facilities there.
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US military occupation codes 16 ROMEO?

Vulcan Crewman M161A1 20mm Gatling cannon Anti Aircraft A towed version of the popular aircraft mounted guns. Six barrels firing at an average rate of 6000/rpm. There (MORE)
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Why did the US military employ Navajo soldiers as code talkers?

The Navajo soldiers used their native language to make a codefor transmitting messages so the Japanese could not decipher. Evenanother Navajo speaker if not trained in the cod (MORE)
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What does the military code re3 mean?

Military code RE-3 is a re-enlistment code. It refers to members ofthe Army who are not qualified for continued service.
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Why was Morse code used in the military?

The first form of long range communication device (the telegraph) could only transmit a binary signal (either on, or off), hence a form of communication had to be developed al (MORE)
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Why did the military need the code talkers?

The military utilized Navajo men who fashioned a secret code from their ancient Navejo language to relay messages of vital importance to the war effort. Navajo language was no (MORE)
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Who did the us military get to speak in code that was unbreakablen?

Native American code talkers... the Navajo code talkers recruited by the Marines during the Second World War are the most famous of them, although the Army did recruit some Ch (MORE)
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What is the military code of honor?

There is no one "military code of honor." Honor means many things to many people. Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, "Loyalty above all else but honor." He seems to h (MORE)
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What is military slang for Morse code?

Commonly referred to in the U.S. Navy as CW. Abbreviation/acronym for Continuous Wave, a method of radio transmission (telegraphy).
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What US military code language was never broken during WW2?

There was no formal code language, however Native American radio operators from the Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota Sioux, Meskwaki, and Comanche nations, using codes develo (MORE)
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How do you change a military reentry code?

Re-entry or RE codes are rarely changed. However, under certain circumstances, it can be done if an error or injustice is found in your record. You will need to submit a packa (MORE)
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Who was the best code talkers in the us military?

In my opinion it would be the Navajo code talkers. Their language was kept within the small amount of Navajo's so it was very unknown to the majority of the people including t (MORE)
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What was the samurais military code of conduct?

it was a code of conduct that the samurai had to live by they had to respect their elder honour their lord and fight when told to if they did not they would disimbow them self (MORE)