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What is a PO?

Post Office
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What is TE?

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Who is po?

PO is a kung fu fighting panda! he's not a big fat panda... he's THE BIG FAT PANDA! Summary of Po in movie kung fu panda: Po is a normal panda who lives in china. Po l (MORE)
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What is an AT-TE?

All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, from Star Wars. Its the small, short one, that resembles a beetle. It was used by the Old Republic. More information can be found at the Rel (MORE)
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When will be te?

Are you sure there isn't an accent over e of te? if there is, it means 'tea', else 'you'
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Kaore te po nei morikarika noa te ohonga ki te ao rapu kau noa ahau ko te mana tuatahi ko te tiriti o waitangi ko te mana tuarua ko te kooti whenua ko te mana tuatoru ko te mana motuhake?

Kaore te po nei morikarika noa! Te ohonga ki te ao, rapu kau noa ahau. Ko te mana tuatahi ko te Tiriti o Waitangi, Ko te mana tuarua ko te Kooti Whenua, Ko te mana tua (MORE)
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What is a comm on adjective?

A common adjective is usually a color. (Orange, black, brown, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, etc.) Here are some examples that may be helpful: 1.) The orange basketb (MORE)
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How do you spell comm?

The informal spelling "comm" can be short for "communications system", which may be an intercom, a voice link, or a suite of radio devices. It is a utility in the Unix OS. (MORE)
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What is the po?

The Po is a river in Italy. It flows eastward across northernItaly, starting in the Alps and emptying into the Adriatic Sea nearVenice.