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Could you be pregnant if your period came three days later and your nipples have been sore for a couple weeks?

Yes--late periods, light periods, nausea, breast tenderness are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy. To ease your worries, test yourself. But be aware false negatives are (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex on the last day of your period and 2 days later had cramps but your next period isn't due for another week?

yes there is a good chance you are pregnant. have you done a test? No. To become impregnated the woman must be ovulating. Obviously if she is on the last day of her period she (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex a few days after you finished your period and started having cramps three days later but a pregnancy test the next week was negative?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nUnprotected sex is very risky! There is no way to actually find out on your own, but with a pregnancy test, and if you have already tried that, try i (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you're on birth control and haven't missed a pill but a week after having unprotected sex you bled for about 4 days and then started cramping?

Answer . \nIf you haven't missed a pill then the chances of you being pregnant are slim to none, if you are taking the the pill at the same day every day until your 7 day (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you have been having cramps for about 2 weeks and your period is two days late and you have had gas and been really tired but you dont have sore breast or discharge?

Answer . \nYes. You could be pregnant.\n. \nMany women have sore breasts, but not all women do. Tiredness is a definite sign of pregnancy, as is mild cramps and gas. U (MORE)
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Your breast were sore from 3days post ovulation after unprotected sex on your fertile days its now 4 days before next period and are still tender and very sore could you be pregnant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThis could be pregnancy related or it could simply be due to your period approaching. Perform a pregnancy test in 7-9 days if your period doesn't ar (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex on your ovulation day had pregnancy symptoms then had a light bleed 2 weeks later but you still feel pregnant but have had negative tests could you still be pregnant?

i think so. ive heard of women not knowing that they are pregnant until they give they had periods and everything and then poof! you have a baby. if your pants star (MORE)
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If you start having cramps days 3 and 5 after sex and this is about 2 weeks before your next period Is this normal?

I just want to add to this and provide some background info. My period fluctuates about every 3 months. October November December I got my period on the clockwork. (MORE)