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What does CU stand for?

Answer If you saw it in a hospital it stands for Care Unit. CU stands for Colorado University. Cu is the symbol for Copper on the periodic table of elements. CU means 'See (MORE)

What does CU do?

At first i didnt understand it either but i figured that it means cubic units your welcome hope it helps

What does 'cu' mean?

There are 75 meanings for this acronym. The most commonly used are :- cu = the designation for the element copper. cu = cubic unit cu = cumulus (cloud formation) cu (MORE)
In Unix

What is cu in unix?

'cu' stands for Call Unix. It used to be used for calling dialup services from one Unix to another. Hardly used anymore with networks (which are much faster)

Is Cu an ion?

Simple Cu is a neutral atom, not an ion. However, it can be changed into an ion, usually Cu + or Cu 2+ .

Does Adele cus?

Um... Well I think you mean curse. lol but I'm not sure what cus means. But yes Adel does curse. Her songs are a clean but with when she's not writing or singing songs, She cu (MORE)