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Why is your speedometer needle 360 deg to the right?

I had the same problem. My speedo went all the way back to the wrong side of zero. Also my speedo was getting stuck at about 30 miles per hour. I fixed this problem easily. Al ( Full Answer )
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Where is 91.0 deg West Longitude?

All of the points at 91 degrees west longitude form a line betweenthe north and south poles, just as every longitude does. The one at 91 degrees west passes through . Hudso ( Full Answer )
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How much is 24 deg F in celsius?

To convert Farenheith in Celsium Here is the formula C = (F − 32) / 1,8 so 24-32/1,8 = - 4,5 C (4,4444) And to convert C in F F = C × 1,8 + 32 :0))
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How to Convert kelvin to deg f?

You can use this equation to convert Kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit: [°F] = [K] × 1.8 - 459.67
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How wide is 1 deg longitude?

That all depends on where you are relative to the equator and either one of the poles. The lines of longitude all come together at the north and south poles ... if you see ( Full Answer )
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65 deg f to deg c?

foxy . Use 3 steps . (A) add 40 . (B) multiply by 5/9 . (C) take away 40 . Thus 65 + 40 = 105 . x 5/9 = 525/9 = 58 3/9 . take away 40 . 58 2/3 - 40 = 18 2/3 or 18.67 d ( Full Answer )
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Where is 30 deg S latitude and 65 deg W longitude?

That point is in central Argentina , about 115 miles southeast of La Rioja, 235 miles northeast of San Juan, and 275 miles northwest of Santa Fe.
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What does deg mean?

Deg by itself is a village in Hungary. In the English language, deg is an abbreviation for the word degree.
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Convert deg Celsius to deg Fahrenheit?

Use this equation to convert degrees Celsius/Centigrade (ºC) to degrees Fahrenheit (ºF): [°F] = [°C] × 1.8 + 32
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32 deg 25' 14 N 80 deg 39' 45 W?

This position puts you in the sea about 500 feet ENE of the coastal point nearest the junction of Meridian Road with South Island Parkway near Beaufort, South Carolina USA.
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What boils at 400 deg Celsius?

Actually, water will boil at 100 degrees Celsius so it will certainly also boil at 400C.
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What is deg in math?

deg is short for degree, which is a measure of how large an angle is.
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What is 158 deg f in deg c?

Celsius is equal to (F-32) x 5/9 Therefore, 158 Fahrenheit is equal to 70 Celsius.
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How do you type symbol for deg?

If you are using a computer with Micrsoft Word, there is an insert symbol key with the right symbol
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Where do you repair corrupt deg items in runescape?

In Runscape, The only items you can repair are things you get in daemonheim (the place you go to go dungeoneering), corrupt verac items, and armour from fist of guthix
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Where is this 42 deg 40677' N 70 deg 81223' W?

There is something wrong with your coordinates. 40677' makes nosense. The apostriphe (') means minutes, and the largest possibleminutes is 60. You may have meant to put a deci ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix dragon med helm deg?

The corrupt dragon helm only lasts for 30 min, after which it will crumble to dust. There is no way to repair it so use it wisely.
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What is 300 deg F in deg C?

300 degrees Fahrenheit = 148.89 degrees Celsius . [°C] = ([°F] − 32) × 5 ⁄ 9
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What is 44 deg F in C?

44 degrees Fahrenheit = 6.67 degrees Celsius [°C] = ([°F] − 32) × 5 ⁄ 9
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What is the latitude location of 30 deg North and 58 deg West?

"30 degrees north" is the latitude part of that set of coordinates. Since you've given us both a latitude and a longitude, you've defined one point on the surface of the Eart ( Full Answer )
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What is 1 deg F?

1 deg F means One degree Fahrenheit as a temperature. By contrast,32 degrees F is the point of freezing, so 1 degree would beextremely cold.
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Where would you be at 0 deg latitude and 140 deg east longitude?

I would be at sea in the territorial waters of Indonesia, off the north coast of the. Indonesian province if Iryan Jaya on the island of New Guinea, about 180 miles. north-n ( Full Answer )
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What is deg K mean in chemistry?

deg K means is the standard temp used in chemistry. in order to get Kelvins from Celsius...just add 273 to the Celsius and you will get kelvin...i dont know about ( Full Answer )
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Why measuring denisty at 15 deg only?

Density varies with temperature. Various institutions have standard temperatures and pressures when measuring such properties though none use 15 degrees.
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Where is 30 deg east 50 deg north located?

That point is in an area of cultivated fields in north-central Ukraine, about 37 miles southwest of the center of Kiev. Farm towns within about 5 miles include Chervone, ( Full Answer )
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What do you do for a third deg burn on finger?

Seek professional medical treatment right away. Do not remove theburned clothing. Do not apply water, gels, or ointments. Do notapply a bandage. They may require skin grafts a ( Full Answer )
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Where is -70 deg of latitude?

Assuming the negative sign you are using is intended to designatethe South latitudes, that would be a parallel line running aroundthe southern portion of the globe, below the ( Full Answer )