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Who is Johnny Dep?

Johnny Depp is an American actor, known for his close workingrelationship with Tim Burton. He has starred in EdwardScissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Tourist.
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Who made a Figurine marked with DEP 13581 Germany?

Need info on a man&woman figurines marked DEP 7939? Depose and Deponiert:and other French and German marks Occasionally in the world of antiques, you may come across a mark, ( Full Answer )
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What is Sec Dep OAC?

The abbreviation Sec Dep means security deposit. OAC means onapproved credit. So, when you put the terms together is means thats security deposit would be required once your c ( Full Answer )
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Have they really found a family of meglodons in dep oceon caverns?

It"s possible, but your question does not specify living ( extremely unlikely) or Fossil or preserved deceased ( remains to be seen, pun intended) Meglodons are prehistoric li ( Full Answer )
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How do you check the DEP settings in Vista?

You can check the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings in the System Properties applet. To get there, click on Start, and then Control Panel. In the Control Panel, double ( Full Answer )
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What was in DEP Astrafoil ink apart from it being 80 percent aniline?

DEP or direct etching, plastic, astrafoil ink was manufactured from the benzidine based azo dye "Direct Black 38" in an aniline liquid carrier. Other colored Azo dyes were als ( Full Answer )
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Noi toc dep nhat o hai phong?

Hai phong is a port city in Vietnam. Noi toc dep nhat hai phong has a meaning of an ad for a service. Anyone who wants her or his hair ( on head) longer may use this service i ( Full Answer )
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Can a DEP recruit enter the navy overweight?

It is possible for a recruit in the Delayed Entry Program to ship to boot camp over their maximum weight allowance as long as they are within their allowable body fat percenta ( Full Answer )
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After doing MBA in DEP from PTU can i do Ph.D further?

Yes you can do,i m also MBA,i also looking for the answer of the same question like u.suddenly i reach to a solution.there is a university which provide PHD in business manage ( Full Answer )
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My son had wisdom tooth surgery and his gum is now infected he couldn't ship to boot camp and was discharged from the DEP is this normal procedure and can he go into DEP again?

When I tried to join the Navy back in 1978, I was also having major wisdom tooth problems and as a result failed the physical. I was told to have a oral surgeon take care of e ( Full Answer )
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Radio shack pro 163 scanner work with Akron Ohio police dep?

The PRO-163 will work with many trunking systems, but it is not a digital scanner. Check to confirm the type of system being used in Akron, then check t ( Full Answer )
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What does mod dep stand for?

It is a stamp mark on a product, usually of Italian, German or French origin and all it means is that the model or style of item has been registered by the designer. Literally ( Full Answer )
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What is poss dep stim cntrf drugs?

Poss dep stim cntrf drugs means, Possession deportation stimulant counterfeit drugs. In laymen terms, a person was caught with a controlled pill like Xanax that was either not ( Full Answer )
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Please help . emotionlessness on or after anti-dep medicine...36 days lex and 9 days remeron.. can these cause permanent brain changes?

No. Lexapro is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and Remeron is a selective Serotonin & Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (SNRI). Neither medication adds anythin ( Full Answer )
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Is Johnny Dep from the Caribbean?

No. Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky and moved to Mirmar, Florida at age 7.
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Does the Navy drug test in DEP?

Yes the navy does drug test while in dep. I started losing weight rapidly from running and diet change and they gave me a drug test on the spot.
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What is cemtex dep?

Hi Do not confused, that amount is your own amount. i.e pf or other amount that paid by cheque
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Is johnny dep the character of wolverine?

No. Johnny Depp has never played Wolverine and never will. The rolehas belonged to Hugh Jackman for many movies, though they have noidea who the reigns will be handed to next. ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a tattoo while in dep program for army?

No, you actually sign a document stating you will not get any other brandings or tattoos while in the dep program. Violating this can get you out of the dep obviously
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Where was Johnny dep born?

American actor, producer, and musician John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky.
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What does E-DEP mean in Home Depot?

Home Depot actually uses a lot of different abbreviations for theirdifferent departments. E-DEP stands for their ElectronicDepartment.
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What does the term anh dep stand for?

The term anh dep is a Vietnamese term. Anh is a respectful term used for elders and dep means beautiful. Thus, in this context, it would mean 'you are beautiful'.
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What country is Nguoi Dep from?

Nguoi Dep is the name of a model from Vietnam. Pictures of Dep can be found at a wide variety of online sites, including the web domains "Tinmoi" and "XaLuan."
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What is meant by CEMTEX DEP?

CEMTEX DEP represents CEMTEX Deposit. Usually it is displayedagainst government payments like the Gas Subsidy, Govt Allowances,Salary etc. These payments are processed in bulk ( Full Answer )