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What does destruction mean?

Destruction means: The act of destroying or state of being destroyed (e.g. The storm brought destruction on the farm)
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What rhymes with destructive?

3 syllables : conductive , constructive , instructive , obstructive , productive , seductive 4 syllables : nonproductive , reconstructive , reproductive , unp ( Full Answer )
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Are groundhogs destructive?

Very, they will destroy acres of land, and their burrows are dangerous to live stock, and other farm animal, such as horses. If they step in the burrow they can break a leg, a ( Full Answer )
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Destruction of ecosystem?

Destruction of ecosystems is a serious problem. This includestaking resources from an ecosystem, like wood, resources, plants,and animals.
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What is 'destruction' in French?

" Destruction " is a French equivalent of "destruction." Specifically, it is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is " la " ("the"). Its singular indefinite artic ( Full Answer )
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Constructive and destructive?

constructive is a divergent plate boundary and destructive is a convergent plate boundary just remember CD and DC
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What is a destructive boundary?

A destructive boundary is a certain type of boundary of a tectonic plate. Destructive boundaries make the plates move toards each other and eventually collide. This is why the ( Full Answer )
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What is a destructive process?

A destructive process is a process in which a force destroys land masses on Earth's surface.
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What is a destructive margin?

A destructive margin is when the oceanic crust moves towards the continental crust and slip under it (oceanic crust is heavier than the continental crust). This can build up a ( Full Answer )
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How destructive is a comet?

A comet that does not hit the Earth would cause no damage at all. A comet that hits the Earth would be as destructive as many nuclear bombs, depending on how big it was and ( Full Answer )
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Are glaciers destructive?

Ok, this answer is pretty obvious; NO , OK JK, the answer isYES! Because... glaciers cause a lot of damage by making it cold,maybe a little death, and it could kill many p ( Full Answer )
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What is destruction of the alveoli?

A common cause of the destruction of alveoli wall is emphysema, a disease caused by cigarette smoking. Follow the link below for more information on emphysema.
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What is destructive nationalism?

When nationalism is used to start a war or cause extreme hatred of that nation, resulting in blockades, bombs, and more war.
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How destructive are tsunamis?

Review the Tsunami that hit the countries along the Indian Ocean. They can be VERY destructive. ( Full Answer )
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Destruction of the buffalo?

why was the destrution of the buffalo was so damagin g to the life of the plains Indians
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How destructive are earthquakes?

If you mean destructive: An earthquake can cause a tsunami(series of huge waves), a seiche(a big wave in an enclosed body of water like a lake or pond), a faulting(strong eart ( Full Answer )
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Is a volcano destructive?

Yes, because it covers ever thing in ash and burns things with lava ( for more stuff about ot look up Pompii)
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What is destructive?

Destructive interference occurs when the amplitudes of two waves combine to produce a wave with a smaller amplitude.
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What is the synonym for Destruct?

destroy decimate demolish devastate dismantle level pulverize raze ruin tear down wipe out wreck dissolve
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How are deer destructive?

They can run into cars. I know my dad wrecked a semi into a deer; we couldn't even start the engine. Bucks can stab humans and kill them.
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How destructive is rain?

\nRain can be destructive by wearing away surfaces of stone, such as sandstone, but this takes hundreds of thousands of years to show any evidence of erosion. \n. \nWhen rain ( Full Answer )
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Are tornadoes destructible?

If you mean to ask if we can destroy them, then no. It is impossible to stop a tornado.
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What is wildlife destruction?

It is distruction of wildlife. That is, it is the changing of the ecosystem so it can no longer support wildlife, or the intentional slaughter of the wildlife still alive. Whe ( Full Answer )
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What is a destructive cycle?

In the five element destructive cycle the elements control each other. In this cycle, Fire controls Metal which controls Wood which controls Earth which controls Water w ( Full Answer )
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Are cats destructive?

hell yes they can give you diseases and break things okay accually, cats are very destructive but they are the best pets. i have lived with cats all my life, and they are ve ( Full Answer )
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How are tsunami destructive?

Tsunamis are destructive in numerous ways. Obviously, the first medium of chaos is the water, which can drown people, destroy buildings ect. Then you have the consquential eve ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for destruct?

Ito's means love hope it helped BTW I'm a blond and i have my head held high .
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What are constructive and destructive?

Constructive It is the means of Creating something. -Fixing.- Destructive The means of Destroying something -Breaking.- FYI, A dictionary could have told y ( Full Answer )
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How are rats destructive?

they chew through walls and poop everywhere and repopulate in your house and they chew chords and cables they also like to eat your food in the cabinet.My suggestion get rid o ( Full Answer )
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What is the most destructive?

Well it depends on what type of combat you are using. The bazooka is dangerous in the army. My friends brother is a marine so you should ask him questions about it.
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Why do Earthquakes destruct?

because there are too many sandshrews and diglets under ground. too many rock pokemon cause earthquake to happen. that why we gotta catch em all!
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What is habit destruction?

Habitat destruction is the process by which natural habitat is damaged or destroyed to such an extent that it no longer is capable of supporting the species and ecological com ( Full Answer )
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Is destructive a pronoun?

No, the word 'destructive' is an adjective , a wordthat describes a noun as causing great and irreparable damage; forexample, destructive corrosion, destructive insects. ( Full Answer )
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What is destructive distillation?

distructive distillation means heating of any substance in the absence of air at high temperatures is called distuctive distillation