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What does destruction mean?

Destruction means: The act of destroying or state of being destroyed (e.g. The storm brought destruction on the farm)
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What rhymes with destructive?

3 syllables : conductive , constructive , instructive , obstructive , productive , seductive 4 syllables : nonproductive , reconstructive , reproductive , unp (MORE)
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Are groundhogs destructive?

Very, they will destroy acres of land, and their burrows are dangerous to live stock, and other farm animal, such as horses. If they step in the burrow they can break a leg, a (MORE)
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What is destructive?

Destructive interference occurs when the amplitudes of two waves combine to produce a wave with a smaller amplitude.
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What is wildlife destruction?

It is distruction of wildlife. That is, it is the changing of the ecosystem so it can no longer support wildlife, or the intentional slaughter of the wildlife still alive. Whe (MORE)
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Is destructive an adverb?

No, destructive is an adjective. The adverb form is"destructively."
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What is a destructive cycle?

In the five element destructive cycle the elements control each other. In this cycle, Fire controls Metal which controls Wood which controls Earth which controls Water w (MORE)
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Are cats destructive?

hell yes they can give you diseases and break things okay accually, cats are very destructive but they are the best pets. i have lived with cats all my life, and they are ve (MORE)
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How are tsunami destructive?

Tsunamis are destructive in numerous ways. Obviously, the first medium of chaos is the water, which can drown people, destroy buildings ect. Then you have the consquential eve (MORE)
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What is a sentence for destruct?

Ito's means love hope it helped BTW I'm a blond and i have my head held high .
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What are constructive and destructive?

Constructive It is the means of Creating something. -Fixing.- Destructive The means of Destroying something -Breaking.- FYI, A dictionary could have told y (MORE)
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Is the typhoon destructive?

Yes,Typhoons And Hurricanes can tear Roof of buildings and worst.