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What are dies?

Die is the singular of Dice. "Dies" is an erroneous word. "Throw the Dice" means you have a couple in your hand or cup etc; when playing a game. There may be some confusion ( Full Answer )
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What is DI?

DI means Direct Injection. Diesel engine depending on combustion categorised in Direct injection or InDirect injection Engine. Direct Injection engine combustion takes place d ( Full Answer )
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Does tsunade dies?

It is currently unknown. We all having a feeling that she will( i hope not) but is is more than likely. She is in a coma now.
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Who dies in Torchwood?

in torchwood mant people die. but the big ones are suzie, Owen (twice), tosh, llanto, and then of course captain jack many times but he just comes back to life each time he is ( Full Answer )
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Your Father died there is no will what do you do?

You should go to the local probate court and apply for Letters of Administration (as opposed to Letters Testamentary when there is a will). You will need the names and address ( Full Answer )
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Singers that have died?

Jim Morrison , jimi Hendrix I DONT KNOW Im 12 i would like to add Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley two of the best singers ever!! Bon Scott Freddie Mercury
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What will the sun do as it dies?

Our sun does not have enough mass to transform it into a black hole or to explode as a supernova as it dies. Instead, when it runs out of hydrogen to convert into helium, it w ( Full Answer )
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Who died in the 1960s?

Spencer Tracy (1900-1967 aged 67) Judy garland (who died a couple of months after my dad was born) (1922-1969 aged 47) Bert Lahr (1895-1967 aged 72)
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How died people died in US?

people die in the USA because there boddies or just to weak or they are very, ver sick. that's why why do people ask this stupid chain of 'died' questions? dang... ...peop ( Full Answer )
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When dinosaurs died?

The dinosaurs have been projected to have died around the menosoicera which is exactly 69.4 million years ago. The most common theorywhy is that an asteroid hit Earth and gian ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of di?

If you mean 'pi,' the value of pi necessary for almost all practical mathematics is: 3.14159265 Further than that is only necessary for very delicate geometry and physics.
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What do you do after your boyfriend dies?

I've experienced this, and I was heartbroken.......I grieved a lot, but eventually you have to get out there and start living again. But he'll always have a special place in y ( Full Answer )
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Why dinousor's died?

Nobody really knows but there are many theories. There is the mammal theory (in which the mammals take over), the plant and vegetation theory (in which new plant grow) and man ( Full Answer )
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How JohnnyAppleseed died?

johnny appleseed died when he was attacked by a bandit with a cheesegrader and was slowly peeled to his doom.
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What did he die for when died for you?

If you mean 'he' as Jesus, he died for your sins so you could have a relationship with God. Read more at:
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Is the stig died?

no, it was all a fake. They got the stig out the car as they had divers in the water
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Who died twice?

There are a lot of people all over the Internet who have claimed todie twice. Just tap it into a search engine and there will bemultiple claims from different people about exp ( Full Answer )
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Who is Di Toft?

Di Toft is an author. Although she is not world famous yet so that's why most of you out there don't know her. One of her books is called Wolven. It's really good. I hope this ( Full Answer )
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What musicians died?

Your question would be more easily answered if reposted with a specific time frame in mind. However, in the past year, though there were many, one would still have to consider ( Full Answer )
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Who dies on lost?

Sawyer and Locke(Black smoke) plus ...... Jack (will risk his life for Kate's) It was on Wiki
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Did Graystripe died?

answer by rawcookie included giberish. Greystripe has not died yet. he disappeared in Dawn, only to reappear in The Sight.
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What to do when your brother dies?

When you lose your brother, someone who is such an essential part of your life- who is more than a sibling because he is often a friend, teacher, hero... you have to find a wa ( Full Answer )
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What is the Crip Dis?

The Crips are a gang started in Los Angeles, Cali in the 1960's. Their founders are Stanley Tookie Williams & Raymond Washington. Crips wear the color navy blue & their rivals ( Full Answer )
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Who dies in Seekers?

Toklo's little brother Tobi dies by the illness. Toklo's mom Oka dies because the zookeeper kill her. Nanuk dies as well... Nisa died because she was attacked by numerous ki ( Full Answer )
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Who dies in glee?

i now it is finn and they had a special episode for his loss it hadto do somthing with drugs and also jeannie sues sister dies to ihope that ansers your question
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What to do when a Muslim dies?

First, the body is washed and covered in white cotton or linen cloth. A funeral prayer is held, known as the janazah prayer, and the Muslim is buried in the direction of Mec ( Full Answer )
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Who died with Will Rogers?

Will Rogers and Wiley Post died on August 15, 1935 when their small plane crashed in Alaska.
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Who dies in the OC?

Marissa Cooper dies at the end of season 3 and she is the maincharacter too, but also Seth's grandpa - Caleb Nichol - dies of aheart attack.
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What do you after a crayfish dies?

Cry, say some prayers, and then bury it at sea with full funeral service, along with flowers and the playing of 'Taps'.
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Who on lost dies?

Jack, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Locke, Charlie, Juliet, Michael, The man in black, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Faraday, Libby, Eko, Charlotte, Christian, Ilana, and Jacob die on lost. B ( Full Answer )
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When did Isaiah died?

The bible does not tell . but the book was written by 700B.C., it is said he was sawed in two by the king Manes-ah.
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What do you do if your bird dies?

Well if the bird was a pet, the dignified thing to do is bury the bird. If your children were emotionally attached to the bird a little memorial service for the bird will bri ( Full Answer )
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Why did I died?

Why did you not died to be able to write this question . . .