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What is fine dining?

Fine dining is a fancy restaurant or home meal including theelegant touches of cloth tablecloth and napkins, fine utensils andplates, an excellent menu and proper service. Hom ( Full Answer )
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Where do kids dine?

at a diner with there parent if they are good but many kids prefer fast food
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What are dining tools?

Dining tools are the silverware that you use when you eat in arestaurant. Special items like pepper grinders, or cheese shakersare also dining tools. These are the items you n ( Full Answer )
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What are the differences between fine dining and casual dining restaurant?

Fine dining would be a place for which you would dress nicely to go to, and it most likely would be a bit more expensive. Casual dining is a place that you just go normally dr ( Full Answer )
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What do you mean by dining etiquettes?

dining etiquette is the ability to eat using good manners. Table manners are not necessarily the same every where and whats good in one place is not necessarily so in another. ( Full Answer )
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What are the duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor?

The standard duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor areto manage the dining room employees, perform the operationaladministrative duties and ensure that the custom ( Full Answer )
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What is a good dining room size?

If you have a table that seats 8, the would be roughly 40 x 72. You would want 3 to 4 feet more on each side to allow for chairs and a path to get there. In addition, most hut ( Full Answer )
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What is 'casual dining'?

The term "casual dining" refers to a type of restaurant. A meal ata casual dining restaurant is usually modestly priced and can oftenbe served buffet-style.
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What is the importance of dining?

More than anything else, local restaurants tend to define a neighborhood. And why not? People eat several times a day, and more likely to go to a restaurant than visit any oth ( Full Answer )
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What is a fine dining?

Fine dining consists of things like gourmet food, laced tablecloths, and ( of course ) high prices.
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What is dining area?

The dining area is the area of a room in which diners are seated.This usually apples to a restaurant setting.
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How do you dine out in sims2?

get nightlife. and go to a restaurant in a community lot and go to the man that seats you and you will be dining out :]
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Who was Janet dines?

\nJanet Dines was Head of Maths and then the first Deputy Head of North Romford Comprehsensive School which opened in 1959. She next became Head of Northwich Girls' Grammar Sc ( Full Answer )
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What is 'dining out' in Italian?

Pranzare fuori is the Italian equivalent of 'dining out'. In the word by word translation, the infinitive 'pranzare' means 'to dine'. The adverb 'fuori' means 'outside'.
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Who is Rylan Dines?

Rylan currently lives in Alaska and is plays bass in Exit Me, and lead guitar in All Dies Here. HE IS FRICKEN AWESOME PEACHES!!! (AND IS DATING DENALI THE BEST PERSON I ( Full Answer )
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Semaphore solution for dining philospher?

The semaphore solution for the Dining Philosophers problem is a bowl in the center of the table with two rocks in it. There is also a pile of four forks. (The fifth fork is us ( Full Answer )
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How do you fit a rug for a dining room?

The chairs and the table should seat on the rug . That means the rug should be 4 times the area of the table.
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What influenced artist Jim dine?

Jim Dine was strongly influenced by Greek and Roman sculpture, specifically from the Glyptothek Museum in Munich. Bringing the stone, dead objects to life in his work by makin ( Full Answer )
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Why is there an outdoor dining area in a cafe?

Because the nice weather can attract people to go out doors and they will go out and leave more room for the inside. meaning more people = more money for the cafe/ restaurant
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What is the dining etiquette of Israel?

I recategorized you Q as there are many types of etiquette in Israel. Jews that keep Kosher, Muslims, and Christians, plus the customs idigenous to the country. Please wait fo ( Full Answer )
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Restaurant owner dines but does not tip-what to do?

A restaurant owner should not tip his/her staff, period. What type of stupid question is this? The service staff should be lucky to have a job, and treat the proprietor with r ( Full Answer )
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What is dining room size?

it depends on how many furnitures needed in each room. . but the minimum size is 4X5. .
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What are some characteristics of fine dining?

A Fine dining restaurant should offer its guests top notch food,and atmosphere. Customer service should be more attentive than acasual restaurant. Fine Dining service goes far ( Full Answer )
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How do you clean a glass dining table?

Take everything off the table. Dust the table. Wet a clean soft cloth and ring it out so that it is just damp. Sprinkle a little vinegar onto the damp cloth. Rub the c ( Full Answer )
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Why do the Navajos call themselves dine?

Diné is the Navajo language word for "person" or man". Dine'é is plural, tribe, clan or people. Navajo language is: Diné bizaad . Navajo land is: Diné ( Full Answer )
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What is Dine Syndrome?

Dine Syndrome is a disability some people are born with. They can control their physical contact, but sometimes not what they say. Usually Dine Sydrome people have large heads ( Full Answer )
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Where can i buy a Dining Room Table?

Dining room tables can be purchased from many places such as walmart or other furnitur dealing stores. Dining room tables are also sold at many reputable websites on the inter ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find a dining guide online?

A dining guide can be found online through many newspapers such as the Seattle Times or the Washington Post. Any food channel website is also likely to have a free dining guid ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find dining guides online?

Perhaps the best place to find dining guides online is Zagat. They are critically acclaimed and give excellent reviews and ratings which will guide you to the best gastronomic ( Full Answer )
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What are the minerals found in a dining plate?

The main mass of the plate is china clay, finely ground. The glaze will be mainly from sand (SiO2), maybe some lime, and some soda ash. Decoration could be of a precious met ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun of to dine?

The noun form for the verb to dine is diner , one who dines or a place to dine.
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Is dining an adjective?

No. The word dining is a noun. It is the present participle of theverb to dine, used as a noun (gerund). In 'dining room' it is anoun adjunct.
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Is dine a verb?

Yes, it is a verb. It means to eat a meal, especially dinner, ormore specifically to eat at a commercial restaurant or othereatery.