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How do you dj?

first do to the bars often learn.. then pic up a good DJ cases, something like : ATA DJ case, DJ Flight Cases,DJ gear cases, DJ Mixer Case, DJ Rack Cases, DJ Road Case, DJ ( Full Answer )
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What does a DJ do?

DJ A DJ is a person that chooses music for a party or Disco. The music is played by that special person known as a DJ. DJ means Disc Jockey. DJ's operate the Speakers, Musi ( Full Answer )
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Can you be a DJ?

Yes! Everyone can be a dj. You don`t need to know how to produce the music but need to know the basics of how music is produced. and how do you know that? if you want to ge ( Full Answer )
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Who is dj sivuplay?

DJ SiVuPlay Your favorite female taste-maker DJ SiVuPlay is the embodiment of today's urban culture. By drawing creativity from everywhere in the musical landscape, SiVuPlay ( Full Answer )
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Who is DJ Atomika?

DJ Atomika is the in-game commentator in SSX 3's 'Radio Big', and later on moves to 'Crash FM' in Burnout Paradise.
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Who is dj Craig?

There are several of us DJ Craigs around. I am DJ Craig of and provide sound and lighting for special events, weddings and corporate parties in the southern Ca ( Full Answer )
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Who is a DJ?

A DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who selects and plays music, usually at parties, performance, clubs, and concerts for his audience. A DJ uses special equipment such as turntabl ( Full Answer )
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How does a DJ do it?

The aim of a DJ is to play songs one after the other without gaps in between, usually for the purpose of keeping people dancing without a break. In order to do this, you need ( Full Answer )
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Who is DJ Tiesto?

Dj Tiesto Is A World Known Dj For multiple Style of techno but mostly into trance
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How do you get the DJ?

To get a DJ for a party or event, use local listings or get a recommendation from a friend or relative.
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What is the purpose of a DJ?

A DJ, or a disc jockey, is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. This may take place in a variety of venues. Therefore, the exact role of the DJ may vary dependi ( Full Answer )
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Who is the DJ?

a person who produces music and entertains who he is hired by theres alot more to it but i gots more qeustions to answer.
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What do you have to do to be dj?

==darksouljp= The basic function of dj is to change the songs without stop . To do this the dj have to adjust the speed of music following in the headset. when it is ready ( Full Answer )
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What do a DJ do?

what a DJ does is he controls the music and mix it up a little
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Is there a dj called dJ Cammie?

Yeah if its the same one i am thinking about he is a Big BOUNCE / Wigan Pier type DJ. If you google him you Will be able to find some of his music remixes and releases.. Ri ( Full Answer )
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Will dj s3rl be on dj hero?

No, it's a shame how I'm a sheet wearing closet racist who sucks dick through a glory hole, and dj hero excludes electronic music. Stupid niggur music sucks
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What do you have to do to be a dj?

To be a DJ is fairly simple- gather some appropriate music, obtain some type of PA system, get a small lighting rig and book some gigs! I get all my music from Microsoft Zu ( Full Answer )
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Where to get dj music?

One of the best websites to get "dj music" from is Also offers great free songs that are released for promotional use.
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What makes you a DJ?

well, DJ means disk jockey so if you are a DJ you would be the music provider at a party or something like that. DJs aren't people with a bunch of CDs.
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What is dj cadence?

Cadence is a female DJ that you can meet in the game "Club Penguin" during a few parties.
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Where do DJ perform?

DJs have multiple places where they can perform. They can be Club DJ, performing at clubs. They can be Mobile DJs, performing at school functions, wedding, and/or private part ( Full Answer )
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Is dj hard?

Like most skills there are varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to being a DJ. There are ways to make it as easy as possible. And I mean VERY easy. Those who compose th ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl be a DJ?

Yes, anyone can be a DJ be it a girl or boy, because its aboutpassion and love for music. If it's your dream, go for it!Nothing's stopping you, hun! Ignore the people who say ( Full Answer )
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Why do you call a dj a dj?

DJ stands for Disc Jockey; In the past "DJ" was probably affixed to the beginning of stage names to distinguish DJs from MCs in the hip-hop and rap scenes which is really wher ( Full Answer )
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Who is DJ Wurktime?

DJ Wurktime is a electronic mash up dj. His sets include a ridiculous amount of tracks in a short time span. He is based out of Los Angeles, and Canada. Why don't you Google h ( Full Answer )
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Who is dj reckless?

he was a college radio DJ in the bay area, CA. I think at ksjc orksjs around 2002 or 2003. He did some big shows with sfraves
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Who is DJ Erycom?

DJ Erycom He's one of Uganda's most popular DJs / music promoters, and he goes by the name of DJ Erycom, a veteran of electronic dance, with a degree in Information Techno ( Full Answer )
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Is it haram to dj?

By 'DJ' we assume you mean to imply a 'Disc Jockey', or one who is responsible for playing music at a gathering, or a discotheque, or a bar, etc. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.49 ( Full Answer )
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Who is dj vryptex?

DJ vryptex is a young up and coming dj in Colorado. Real name is Eli Keating birth date is February 9th 1995. As one of the youngest DJ's on the club scene he brings a fresh t ( Full Answer )
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Who is dj popeye?

DJ Popeye ( Jeffrey. Kwabena Ansong Jr) is a New Jersey Club Music Producer, who is known for his Toot dat Jersey remix that made it to radio stations around the Tri state are ( Full Answer )
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Is Skrillex a DJ?

Skrillex, is an American electronic dance music producer , DJ , singer and songwriter .
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Who is dj mouse?

There is no DJ known as DJ Mouse. However, there is a DJ called Deadmau5 who has earned global fame and is one of the highest and best paid DJ's of 2012.
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How To Be A DJ?

Hey I wish I was a DJ so I found some ways.Look nice sometimes not like tuxedo nice like hollister abercrombie and aeropostale.Be a good rolemodel.People watch u.Go to clubs a ( Full Answer )
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What is DJ AS ON AM FM?

The sequence is apparently the initial letters of names of two consecutive months. In particular {December January}, {August September}, {October November}, {April May}, and { ( Full Answer )