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Do you have lupus with positive ana-dna?

If you have lupus, you will almost definitely have a positive ANA. However, a positive ANA doesn't necessarily mean you have lupus.
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What is A-DNA?

A-DNA is a conformation of DNA that differs from the common one (B-DNA) by: - a wider right-handed spiral - a shallow, wide minor groove - a narrower, deeper major groov (MORE)
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Why DNA-rna hybrid is more stable then DNA-DNA hybrid?

In aqueous formamide solvent systems are particularly useful for preparing RNA:DNA hybrids, because the hybrids are more stable than DNA:DNA duplexes in these solvents. (MORE)
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What is DNA-Activation?

In the simplest terms it is the energizing of DNA sequences the have lain dormant/ unused in the DNA of the chromosomes.
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What is DNAs function?

It tells the cell how to make new proteins and stores alot of the cell's information.
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4 of these are in DNA. what is it?

DNA has four types of nucleotides, each of which contains one of four nitrogen bases: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine.
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What is the difference between Z-DNA and B-DNA?

Z-DNA is usually found in areas with alternating purine and pyrimidine bases (ie. -ATATAT- ). When you look at it from the side, Z-DNA zig-zags toward the top left of the page (MORE)
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Why is B-DNA more stable than A-DNA in solution please explain in detail?

Because of the stability of its riboses. In A-DNA there is a 3C- in Endo position which makes the phosphate near the upper phosphate. This produces more repulsion between chai (MORE)
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Why you write 'r-DNA' but not R-DNA?

Actually it's more commonly abbreviated rDNA instead. This is just the notation they use - along with mRNA, rRNA, cDNA, etc.
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Who discovered DNAs shape?

Francis Crick Dr. Rosalin Franklin and pro. Maurice Wilklins discovered the shape of DNA.
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Difference between Z-DNA and B-DNA?

B DNA is the normal kind where it twists in what is called a right hand fashion. Z DNA is twisted in the opposite direction.
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A-DNA a stands for?

The A in DNA stand for Acid. DNA= Deoxyribonucleic ACID.
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What is meant by the term 'genomic DNA'?

Geonomic DNA references to the genome in the structure of the the DNA. The genome in the DNA is what makes people unique and without it, everyone would be the same.
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What is DNA-?

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA are molecules that carrygenetic information in living organisms to include humans andanimals.
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Compare and contrast RNA and DNA-?

RNA is in bacterial organisms. DNA is in living organisms, like humans and cats. However, both are the 'data strips' for both types of beings.
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What is the composition of nucleic acid-DNA?

The composition of the nucleic acid-DNA includes polynucleotideswhich are composed of guanine, adenine, thymine, cytosine, aphosphate group, and deoxyribose (a monosaccharide (MORE)
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When does the cell need to copy the DNA-?

DNA ultimately controls all the cell's functions, so it is necessary to have it in all your cells. Every time your cells divide so that you can grow or repair your body, the D (MORE)