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Who is Claire Danes?

The actress Claire Danes was born in New York on April 12th, 1979. She was majoring in psychology at Yale University, but quit to further pursue acting. She played Angela i (MORE)
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What are great danes?

Dogs! A Great Dane is a dog Breed in the working class. See this link for the AKC description. They are also very big. (MORE)
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What are The Danes?

Danes is the traditional name for people from Denmark.
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Who was king of the Danes?

Without a specific year it's difficult to say, since there has been 52 kings (and 2 ruling queens) in historical time plus an number of prehistoric kings. All the historical r (MORE)
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Is it danes or Danes?

the dog itself is a Great Dane. Plural (more than one) it is Great Danes.
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Why are Great Danes called Great Danes?

"Great Dane" is the English translation of this breeds French name - grand Danois - which means "big Danish". No one knows where the "dane" part came from cuz great Dane's are (MORE)
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Where are danes from?

Danes is the traditional name for people from Denmark.
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Which country are the danes in?

Primarily in Denmark, but there is also approx. 50.000 living south of the Danish-German border. They became Prussian, and later German, citizens as a consequence of the 1864 (MORE)
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What did the danes do?

Played his Kondama & did chair pushups while sitting next Too Alex. Oh, he also snuck into kathys bedroom at night and watched her sleep.
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What did the Danes do to the Nazis?

The Nazis had real difficulties in Denmark first it seemed rather easy.They swarmed across the tiny border between Denmark and Germany and because there was a rather small arm (MORE)
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Who is the King of Danes?

Currently there is no Danish King, Queen Margarethe II is the current Danish Monarch.
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Why are Great Danes bad?

Great Danes are not natuarlly viscous dogs. They can be trained for many jobs, including guarding.
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Who was the king of the danes?

"King of the danes" could be interpreted as the danish head of state. The current head of state is Queen Margrethe II.
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What are great danes predators?

Apart from the occasional stray, Great Danes are kept as pets.And are as such protected against predators by their owners. Thereis no other animal species that regularly preys (MORE)
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Where were great danes born?

Most Great Danes were born in Germany and Indonesia. In Indonesia most puppy's were born. Also Great Danes were born many other places..
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What is a great Danes bite force?

A Great Danes bite force is approximately 669 p.s.i and 303 kg.They are known as one of the strongest breeds of dogs when it comesto bite force.
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Are danes Jews?

"Danes" are natives and/or citizens of Denmark. The term gives no information regarding a person's gender, occupation, political or religious affiliation.
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Where is Danes?

Danes are primarily found in Denmark, but some of them are known totravel.