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Who is Claire Danes?

The actress Claire Danes was born in New York on April 12th, 1979. She was majoring in psychology at Yale University, but quit to further pursue acting. She played Angela i ( Full Answer )
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What does Dane mean?

The dictionary defines it as meaning "a native of Denmark." It is also my name!. Assuming this question refers to the meaning of "dane" in the Japanese language, the most com ( Full Answer )
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What are great danes?

Dogs! A Great Dane is a dog Breed in the working class. See this link for the AKC description. They are also very big. ( Full Answer )
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Who is Dane Cook?

Dane Cook is a comedian who has also acted in several movies, such as Employee of the Month and Mr. Brooks.
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How much is the heaviest great dane?

Our Dane, Einstein, 4 years, 36" at withers, weighs about 207lbs. without any excess fat at all. I suspect that he'll put onanother 10 or 15 lbs by the time he's six or seven. ( Full Answer )
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How much does a great dane eat?

Great Danes eat a lot of food. Males will usually eat between sevenand ten cups of food per day. Females will eat a bit less, usuallysix to eight cups. I have two great danes, ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Great Dane so big?

To whom wrote the last article... Stop writing false information!Here's the correct information. Danes were originally used as raiders in Egypt. Brought out by onetrainer he ( Full Answer )
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Is Scooby Doo a great dane?

yes! scooby doo is a great dane. huge dogs, and great sniffers. hope i helped!!
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Who was king of the Danes?

Without a specific year it's difficult to say, since there has been 52 kings (and 2 ruling queens) in historical time plus an number of prehistoric kings. All the historical r ( Full Answer )
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Is it danes or Danes?

the dog itself is a Great Dane. Plural (more than one) it is Great Danes.
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Why are Great Danes called Great Danes?

"Great Dane" is the English translation of this breeds French name - grand Danois - which means "big Danish". No one knows where the "dane" part came from cuz great Dane's are ( Full Answer )
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Who was Eliza Dane?

she was a person who was murdered, and is know as the wild rose, since she was found dead with a wild rose in her mouth. It happened in the 17th century
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Which country are the danes in?

Primarily in Denmark, but there is also approx. 50.000 living south of the Danish-German border. They became Prussian, and later German, citizens as a consequence of the 1864 ( Full Answer )
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What did the danes do?

Played his Kondama & did chair pushups while sitting next Too Alex. Oh, he also snuck into kathys bedroom at night and watched her sleep.
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Is Beowulf a Dane?

No he is a Geat. However, in the Epic Poem there is another character known as Beowulf the Dane sometimes just called Beow. He was the Son of Scyld Sceafing and was King of th ( Full Answer )
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Is Beowulf dane?

No. Beowulf went across the sea with a few men to help the Danes after he heard about Grendel invading their land. However, there is a charcter mentioned in the epic poem by t ( Full Answer )
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What did the Danes do to the Nazis?

The Nazis had real difficulties in Denmark first it seemed rather easy.They swarmed across the tiny border between Denmark and Germany and because there was a rather small arm ( Full Answer )
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Can you bread a chihuahua with a Great Dane?

Theoretically any male and female dog can mate to give birth to pups but in this case practically NO. Danes are giant and chihuaha's are very small. Mating to happen between a ( Full Answer )
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Why are Great Danes bad?

Great Danes are not natuarlly viscous dogs. They can be trained for many jobs, including guarding.
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Who was the king of the danes?

"King of the danes" could be interpreted as the danish head of state. The current head of state is Queen Margrethe II.
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How much Great Dane cost?

Depending on what you feed it, i feed my dane pedigree natural dry bikkies, with the protein level being 20% and fat level 10% this dog food is the best iv found by far, it co ( Full Answer )
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Why did the dane sleep with their armor on?

The Danes wanted to be prepared for Grendel's attack. They would not have time to put on armour while the beast was attacking.
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How does saint dane die in Pendragon?

In the last book his Solara is destroyed making him look old and tired and he and pendragon fight when they both cant fight anymore bobby takes him outside and uncle press lea ( Full Answer )
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What are great danes predators?

Apart from the occasional stray, Great Danes are kept as pets.And are as such protected against predators by their owners. Thereis no other animal species that regularly preys ( Full Answer )
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Is Saint Dane Bobby's dad?

no. he is not! thats all im saying i dont want to spoil the ending! hahaha
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What is the great dane made of?

Great Danes are mad of the same stuff as any other dog, onlymore of it. . Claws, fur, skin bone etc
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Who is Dane Brown?

He is a boy that is 10 years old and he is in 4th grade! Dane Brown is an American author of the thriller fiction. He is known for the 2003 bestselling novel called "T ( Full Answer )
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What can a great dane do?

great danes can do lots of stuff like they can fetch a ball they can jump up on you they can tear somthing up very easly but i do have to admit they are very clumbsy too.
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How were the life of the danes?

they would be used as wild boor hunting dogs, and deer hunting dogs . (ect.)
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Are danes Jews?

"Danes" are natives and/or citizens of Denmark. The term gives no information regarding a person's gender, occupation, political or religious affiliation.
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Who is Dane Dehaan?

Dane Dehaan is a actor for not much by paid less and Dehaan is mostfamous for his movie as Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin The AmazingSpider Man 2