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Lord Krishna loved Radha and he did not marry her and he married other womans so this means he cheated Radha?

it cannot be said so, as in some descriptions, radha was actually a married woman. it was she who is said to indulge in an affair with Krishna. even if it was not so, the rela (MORE)
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Last meet between Radha and Krishna?

It is when Krishna was going to Mathura from Vrindavan to kill the evil king Kans who was also the uncle of lord Krishna at that time on the way to Mathura Krishna last meet t (MORE)
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How old was radha to Krishna?

Radha was a married lady, who loved Lord Krishna very much since Lord Krishna was an infant. It was natural reaction of the husband of Radha to get irritated over this excessi (MORE)
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Was Radha aunty of lord Krishna?

lolz.... krishna didnt married to radha because his really wife was laxmiji.....krishna n rukmani were reborn in manushiya avtar as krishna n rukmani they are the god vishnu n (MORE)
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Why Radha did not marry Lord Krishna?

The love between Krishna and Radha is eternal. Krishna did not marry Radha to show an example to all the lovers of this material world. Even though Krishna loves Radha eternal (MORE)
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Why lord Krishna left Radha?

krishna left radha because radha was older then krishna and krishna wanted to marry more beautiful lady then radha, thats why he married rukmini and left radha

Why do you worship the couple of lord Krishna and Radha and not lord Krishna rookmeri?

Answer: Krishna and Radha is our soul and mind ,they represent only one Identity. Rukshmani is physical form of different identity. Marriage is between two different identity (MORE)
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Whom did Radha marry Why didnt she marry Lord Krishna?

Radha was grown up and married lady and she used to love Lord Krishna from his childhood. There was huge age difference between both of them. So many stories cropped up in lat (MORE)