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How do you add pictures in WordPress?

WYSIWYG . Click at the square into a square on top of the editing bar at the Wordpress posting box. At this menu you can upload a picture and define how it'll behave. . (MORE)
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How do you add a website in a picture?

???. Did you mean:. How do you add a Picture in a Website?. or. How do I take a Picture of a website?
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How do you convert a doc with a picture into PDF?

In Office 2010 and Office 2007, you can save office files as PDF directly. Please follow the steps on below webpages. In Office 2003 or earlier, you need an Office to PDF Co (MORE)
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How do you i add a picture in an email?

There is usually an option that is called eihter Attachments or Add Attachments, you can use this to add a picture to your email.
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How do you add pictures to my dsi from my computer?

u have 2 have a sd card. on the pictures app, there r 2 buttons on the top. one says System and the other says SD Card. press SD Card and take pictures. put the sd card in you (MORE)
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How do I add pictures to my YouTube video?

Go to "My Videos" in your account and go to edit on one of your videos. Then, go, scroll down, and you will see 3 thumbnails. (pictures) click on the one you want to show up w (MORE)
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How do you add a printer on Google Docs?

When you add a printer to your publishing 'toolkit', regardless of the software you're using, you add it as hardware, not as software. Google docs receives its information a (MORE)
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Can you add a profile picture to Wikianswers?

You can add an avatar by linking your WikiAnswers account to your yahoo, google or facebook account and the picture you use for your choosen account would be your new WikiAnsw (MORE)
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How can you add a comment to pictures?

that depends on if you are posting a caption or a comment . Caption: when you are uploading the pic, click below it where it says add a caption comment: go to the pic you (MORE)
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How do you add pictures to your page on WikiAnswers?

There are a few ways: 1) Find a picture somewhere online and put the URL into the form of HTML code (there are sites that will do that for you). 2) Copy the picture that (MORE)
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How do you add text box on Google Docs?

There is a Comment feature available under Insert. You cannot (yet) put a box with text in a googledoc unless it is made as a drawing. . (Menu: select Insert > Drawing use (MORE)
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How do you add pictures on a blog?

It depends on the blog platform and the editor used to post blog. But normally of of them will have a image icon in the tool box area clicking on it you can add the image.
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How do you add a picture to a craigs list add?

Adding a picture to Craigslist can be simple as there are linkstowards the bottom of the screen. Simply place your ad, and thenfollow the instructions and you should be ready (MORE)