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Why do girl dogs hump each other?

Dogs of any sex will hump another to show dominance over the other dog. It has nothing to do with sex, hormones, or pleasure. Simply dominance.

Why do boys and girls like each other?

Because it is natural for us to find a mate to reproduce. If you don't like the other sex, how are you going to want to reproduce with him/her?
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Do girls kiss each other?

if they are lesbians or good friends they do but if they are friends it is like a peck on the cheek
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How do girls make love to each other?

Disclaimer: I'm a guy. They do it pretty much the same way girls make love to men: they kiss, rub, fondle, stroke, whisper sweet nothings (or sweet nasties), nibble and roll (MORE)
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Why girls kiss each other?

Why girls kiss girls? Just simply one of the most erotic questions posed to all members of the male fantasy world. Many would suggest the main reason girls kiss each other is (MORE)
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Is it normal for girls to have a crush on each other?

Depends on the age and social/cultural context, I think. (I am answering this as a heterosexual 24 year-old female) It's not unusual for teenage girls to have crushes on (MORE)
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How do to girls get pregnant with each other?

they can't get each other pregnant because they dot have the right parts for it so if you are "lesbian" and you want to have a kid you might want to think about a sperm donati (MORE)
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Why do girls like each other?

Girls like each other due to their mutual feelings. They have thesame likes and dislikes.
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Why do girls and boys like each other?

It goes back to the caveman days when people going through puberty were trying to find a mate :-) and they knew that it would only work out if they mated with somebody of the (MORE)
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Do teenage girls kiss each other?

In today's world, different sexualities are becoming more and moreaccepted and open. This being said, young girls who are maturingand coming to terms with themselves may explo (MORE)
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Do girls finger each other?

It's one way for lesbians to have sex yes, just like a straight man can do it for his girlfriend.
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Does Islam allow two people of the same sex to be naked in front of each other?

Simple Answer is "No" Brief Explanation! But I read in Authentic Islamic Jurisprudence Book, by A famousIslamic Scholar Moulana Asfraf Ali Thanvi, that It is not allowedfor t (MORE)
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Should 12 year old boys see each other naked?

well, if it is for like gym or something then, u r all guys and u can get over it,but if u are just looking at each other for fun, i don't think that would be..."appropriate" (MORE)
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Why do Girls turn on each Other?

Most girls turn on each other because girls now days are so JEALOUS so they would do whatever it is that they can to punish the girl by attacking her. This is what I call HATE (MORE)
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Should naked 13 year old boys get naked with each other?

Why not, where's the harm? Getting naked isn't the problem, it is why they are naked and what they plan to do that causes the problems. My personal stand on all things sexual (MORE)
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Are you and your friend gay for looking at each other naked?

You are gay if you are primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to people of the same sex as yourself, or if all or almost all of your sexual fantasies involve people of th (MORE)
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Are girls too mean to each other?

YES! Guys fight (physically or just verbally) and get over it after a while . Some girls physically fight, but mostly we verbally fight and back stab. But girls mostly don't e (MORE)
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Are Orthodox Jewish couples allowed to see each other naked?

Yes! Husbands and wives are supposed to give pleasure to eachother. Unfortunately, some Orthodox Jews consider "marital" nudityindecent. I don't think that's normal - especial (MORE)
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Why do girls go to the bathroom with each other?

they probably go there to talk, gossip, do their make up, comment on their clothing, talk about boys, or maybe they dont want to go to the bathroom by themselves.
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Can girls love each other?

Yes in different ways. you can love your family, And some other girls love girls that are not in there family. yes they can, it doesnt matter who it is yes girls can love othe (MORE)
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Why do girls give each other wedgies?

Im a guy and i was at my girlfriends house with 2 other of her friends and we were in her room and my gf asked me do you like camel toes and i said yes so the friends looked a (MORE)
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Do Girls talk about their breast to each other?

I think that some girls would talk about their boobs, how big they are, feel them and possibly get them out when with friends but some girls just won't feel comfortable
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Will the boy or girl ask each other out?

well, in my opinion i would do it. if u really like the the boy, u should be the big boss and tell the dude. if he lets u down, u should express ur feelings for him, if that d (MORE)
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Can people see each other naked?

There is the belief of how you can see another person naked if they are family or in a relationship. It mostly all depends on how old the person is, and who it's with.
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How do you get girls to hate each other?

Girls from adolescence to adulthood tend to naturally be very critical of each other. The smallest offence, such as a look, a remark, or gossip can cause girls to hate each o (MORE)
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Do girls like puking on each other?

Not at all, unless they have emetophilia (which means that vomit makes them sexually aroused - vomit fetish). But no, most girls do NOT like puking on each other; just like mo (MORE)
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What do girls talk to each other about?

1 - Girls LOVE to play truth or dare! It's the best way to get someone to spill the beans on who their cruch is!. 2 - Shopping! Everygirl loves to shop, be it a tomboy or a g (MORE)
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Why did Adam and Eve react when they saw each other naked?

Supposedly they had always seen each other naked before this andnever reacted. But after eating the fruit of the "Tree of theKnowledge of Good and Evil" they now had knowledge (MORE)