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Do you need internet to get apps on ipod touch?

You need an internet connection to get apps for your iPod Touch, whether it is downloading them directly to the iPod Touch or it is using iTunes through a computer.
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How do you install apps on your iPad2?

Go to the app store, type in the desired app, purchase it (you will need to enter your password) and it will download straight to your iPad 2.
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Are there gps apps for the IPAD2?

Yes! But I think you would have to have Wifi. Here is one app i found that might suit you: MotionX GPS Drive HD
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Do you need wifi to use internet on ipad2 with wifi?

yes you do. the two main ways to get on the Internet with an iPad is 3G or wifi so if u don't have 3G you need to connect to wifi.(There's also 2G but I think you only use tha (MORE)
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Do you need internet for kik the app?

Yes, Kik is an chatting app that uses the Internet to transmit the messages and then receive the response. Wi-Fi and 3G/4G both work.