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How do you kill red spider mites?

Answer . They are tough. I am assuming that you are reffering to a greenhouse situation. Because in nature, these little pests are controlled by mite predators, which are (MORE)
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What are spider mites?

the are mites that feed on plants using a sucking mouth part causing a drop in quality of that plant and potentially killing it. They are a big problem for commercial crop gro (MORE)
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How do you get rid of spider mites?

Encouraging black ladybug beetles ( Stethorus ), pruning damaged foliage, removing broad-leafed weeds and leaf litter, and treating leafy undersides with home-made or store-bo (MORE)
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Can humans get mites from a kitten?

Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious parasitic disease caused by a microscopic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei that affects animals and people. These mites invade the skin (MORE)
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How do you treat spider mites on citrus trees?

There is a company, Safer, that makes Safer Bioneem and Safer Insecticidal soaps which work well against spider mites. Also another one is called Concern and they are both eco (MORE)
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Can a human catch mites from a lizard?

\nMites, fleas, lice, and other parasites tend to be quite species-specific. For instance, the human head louse is a different species from the human public louse, and neithe (MORE)
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Can humans get mites from a house rat?

Rat mites cannot be seen and a human can't feel the bites, but theyleave itchy red marks that can look like a skin rash. The mitescannot live on humans and are not known to tr (MORE)
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Are bird mites harmful to humans?

Bird mites will infest humans if their host happens to die. Birdmites are harmful to people because they will bite you to get toyour blood.
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Does vinegar kill spider mites?

Vinegar is acidic, and will probably kill spider mites, but it may also damage the leaves if you spray it on. A soapy water solution is better for spraying on spider mites t (MORE)
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Can a dust mite hurt humans?

Not directly as they do not bite. They are not predatory and do not live on humans. They themselves are relatively harmless feeding on our skin. However their parts and especi (MORE)
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Are spider mites dangerous to humans?

No, spider mites are not at all dangerous to humans. They do notbite humans either. The spider mites will not infest a home either.
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How can you get bird mites out of human hair? has useful information under Strategies for managing/eliminating bird mite infestations. They are difficult to eliminate and will require much hard work, patienc (MORE)
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Can bird mites live on humans?

They don't cause much problems but if you do get them. You won't even notice. Maybe a bunch of red spots in certain area where they burrow in but they should die pretty quickl (MORE)
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Are mites and spiders insects?

Mites and spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. While insects and arachnids have many similarities, they also have some obvious differences. Insects have six legs while (MORE)
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Does the spider monkey attack humans?

Like any monkey, a spider monkey can be vicious if provoked, and they are stronger than their small size would indicate. But they prefer to avoid conflicts with humans.
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Are wood mites a threat to humans?

I have found lil bugs or mites i'm not sure wont they are,,, I found them in my cereal cupboard which there was dry foods such as salt spices sugar teabags ect, once noticing (MORE)
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How do you kill spider mite quick?

1/2 oz. Azamax, 50ml. diamond nector, 2ml. suck it up (penitrator) to 1ltr.water, spray 1 hr. before lights out, and repeat every 3rd. day, the leaves will love you for this m (MORE)
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Can humans get fur mites?

No humans cannot get fur mites. Only dogs, cats , and any other furry animal can, but humans can't unless they stay outside for more than 3 weeks.
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Can humans get mites from animals?

yes,if you have a pet with mites don't hold it or you could get mites and mites will bother you a lot. Trust me,I know.
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Do spider mites harm humans?

do spider mites harm humans? do they go in your ears, eyes nose, will they lay eggs there.
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How do you treat red spider mite in chickens?

are you sure it is spider mites? there are powders dusts you can put directly on birds but to get rid of the problem you need to clean and spray the coop area including beddin (MORE)
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Which kinds of spider mites attack poinsettias?

The Lewis mite ( Eotetranychus lewisi ) and the two-spotted spider mite ( Tetranychus urticae ) are the two (2) kinds of spider mites that attack poinsettias ( Euphorbia p (MORE)
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Is a daddy long legs a spider or mite?

Both, in a way. 'Daddy Long Legs' is the nickname for the Crane Fly (insect), Cellar Spider (spider) and the Harvestman (related to mites).
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How do you get spider mites?

When the spider lays its eggs inside another living creature, and the nestle inside and enter the blood stream.
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Can spider mites on marijuana be fatal?

indeed they can, however it all depends on the severity of the infestation, also indoors they are more of a problem. do a quick search into pesticides that deal with them, the (MORE)
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Is a spider mite poisonous?

They are many different types of Spider Mites like Oak Spider mites, which one do you mean? Since I last checked Oak Spider Mites are the only ones to watch out for.
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Is a mite a spider?

No. Mites are arachnids, and so are related to spiders, but they are not actually spiders.
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Do you have the exterminate your house if you have human mites?

No that would be a very drastic step to exterminate your house. Youmay have to fumigate your house but mites only live on the humanbody so it is only necessary to treat humans (MORE)