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How do veterans help other countries?

Veteran's deploy to other countries to help stabilize their governments, overthrow military coup's, restore their freedoms, protect the innocent, attempt to stop genocide, etc (MORE)
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Why does the U.S. military have bases in other countries?

For security measures. Whether others like it or not, the United States military bases in other countries are not only for the U.S's protection, but also for the protection of (MORE)
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How does CAFOD help people in other countries?

CAFOD supplies food and raises funds for education for those lees fortunate than our selves. it helps by . increasing access to clean water, education and healthcare. . en (MORE)
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How has Bulgaria helped other countries?

Bulgaria helped other countries in their needs as per it was possible on its part. Directly, or through its Communist party, The Fatherland front or with Red Cross (and now th (MORE)
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How does technology help other countries?

Technology helps countries, and the world as a whole, to advance. Almost every thing around you is the result of improving technology. Computers continue to get faster and sma (MORE)
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Why does America help other countries?

The reason America helps other countries is because that's first of all the right thing to do. The other reason is, because America is a kind generation, and nation and that i (MORE)
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Do christians believe in helping other countries?

I would say that, that is a pretty broad question for a complex answer are you talking about disaster relief, war, political situations or something else? if you could clarify (MORE)
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Why do US help other countries?

Ever since I was a small child, and that was a while ago, the people in the US. have always been the first to jump up and assist the people of other nations that were in troub (MORE)
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What did other countries do to help haiti?

they sent water and food to help the people of haiti. they also send the top doctors to try to heal and care for the sick and injured people
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How are the other countries helping Somalia?

They are now looking for a free slot in their schedule for such a meeting. Whiles America, Europe and other foreign countries and continents are already there to help
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How do American soldiers help other countries?

They train the policemans and the soldiers. They also feed and look after peoples and sometimes they protects them from all attacks from enemies. In Afghanistan Americans and (MORE)
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Does The U.S really helps other countries or for its only Benefit?

The United States doesn't always help other countries solely for it's own benefit. Some bring up what is going on in the middle east, and say the United States is only there f (MORE)
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In addition to the U.S. what other countries celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day goes as far back as 270 AD and came from celebrations from ancient Christian and Romans. One legend tells that the holiday began from the Roman festival of Lup (MORE)