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Where is Kanye West from?

He was born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Chicago, IL from age 3. which is why he is a jerk and has no respect
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What is the westing game?

A Mystery About Finding A Murderur, Earning 200m, And Getting Revenge For Sam Westing, Its a Realy good Book If you Havnt Read It!
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What is west of China?

There are a few mountain ranges to the west of China. These includethe Kunlun Mountains to the center west, and the Tianshan Mountainsin the northwest.
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What rhymes with west?

Guest, pest, nest, best, lest, breast, incest, jest, zest, arrest, rest...... Best, blessed, breast, chest, crest, dressed, fest, guest, behest, lest, messed, nest, pest, que (MORE)
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Which way is west?

it depends on where you are in relation to either the sun or moon. if you are looking at the sun (with sun glasses of course) at high noon, then west will be to your left. sam (MORE)
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Who was the Queen of the West?

Not Who but What.\n. \nNavy Ships\n. \nSince this was posted in Civil War, the QUEEN OF THE WEST was the name of a ship.\n. \nUNION - The Union Navy had a ship named QUEE (MORE)
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What is west wind?

A west wind is a wind that blows from the west in an easterndirection. It is said to be the most favorable wind.
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How was it in the west?

Great weather. People are stressed but made an effort to be welcoming. I recommend it.
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Where is West Yorkshire?

West Yorkshire is a county in Northern England. It contains the major cities of Bradford and Leeds as well as towns such as Huddersfield Wakefield and Castleford. It is to the (MORE)
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Who is sam westing in the westing game?

His real name is Windy Windkloppel. He acts as Sandy McSouthers, Julian Eastman, and Barney Northrup after his supposed 'death'.
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Is West Virginia in the west region?

No it is in Appalachia. . It is only called "West" because it was originally the western part (more precisely the north western part) of the state of Virginia. It first becam (MORE)
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Where is the west bank in the middle west?

The West Bank is in the Middle East. it is on the east side ofIsrael, near Jordan. It is a Palestinian part of Israel, with aPalestinian government.
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In the westing game Who is voilet westing?

Violet Westing was Sam Westing's daughter and killed herself the night before her wedding. Angela Wexler is thought to look just like Violet Westing.
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Who is Samuel westing in the westing game?

Westing is originally Sam "Windy" Windkloppel, than he changes his name to Sam West ing, than throughout the story he is Sandy Mc South ers, Barny North rup, Julia (MORE)
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Why is West Virginia West Virginia?

At the time of the American revolution the territory of Virginia(the largest colony and state) included what is now west virginiaand part of southern Ohio. When the state of V (MORE)
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What can you do in key west?

You can swim of snorkel or scuba dive. You can go fishing or take a ride on a tour boat. You can watch the sunset and the entertainers at the waterfront. You can hang out at t (MORE)
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Who is sam westings in the westing game?

He is 5 people Windy Windkloppel (his real name) He changed it to Sam Westing, he is Barney Northrup, Julian R. Eastman, and Sandy McSouthers
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Where is West Virginia east or west?

If you mean what side of America it is on, it's in the eastern part of the country. It's surrounded by Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
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Which direction is the west?

The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. Wherever the sun sets, that's the west. In the morning, when the sun is rising, face towards it then the direction op (MORE)
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Why are geysers in the west?

Younger more active geological processes, cause more volcanic activity which is what a geyser is.
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What can you do in West Siberia?

There are museums to see. You can do skiing and other wintersports. In the summer, there is fishing.
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What are the economies of the West?

Many economists consider the term "West" to mean Europe and North America. With that said and understanding that there may be another understanding of the question, it can be (MORE)
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Is Korea is in the west?

Of course, No. Korea is located in eastern of Asia. If you know about the location of China and Japan, Korea is between them. Korea is divided into North and South.
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Is Utah mid west or west?

Utah is a western state. The term "Midwest" refers to the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin that are all located east of the Mississippi river. Some s (MORE)
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Who is miss westing in the westing game?

Mrs. Westing was Berthe Erica Crow in the Westing Game. She got divorced to Sam Westing because he thought she killed Violet Westing.
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Who traveld west?

The settlers in America that were looking for new lives as farmers, and eventually cowboys.
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When is west capitalized?

When it refers to a specific region or is part of a proper noun. when referring to a direction it is not capitalized. He lived in the West. He traveled west. He lived (MORE)
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Is Portugal on the west?

Portugal is on the west of Europe and it is on the west of theIberian peninsula.
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What do west and coe do?

West and Coe are a funeral directoring company. They arrange and organize funerals the way you want it.
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What is West of Hawaii?

Pacific Ocean . Papua New Guinea . Philippines . Indonesia . Wake Island . Marshall Islands . Federal States of Micronesia . Howland Island . Baker Island . Guam
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Where is west Asia?

Asia has only four subregions: East Asia, Southeast Asia, SouthAsia and Central Asia. For the West Asia, maybe we can say that thewestern part is the combination of continenta (MORE)
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What is west is not west?

it means the west of now is not the west of yesterday that it onceused to be.