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In an accident involving a truck and a utility trailer would the trailer be covered by the auto's insurance or does it require a separate policy?

Be Careful... These Utilty trailers are unsafe as they have a habit of comming uhiched if you do not know what you are doing. Please Go to for more. (MORE)
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Does auto insurance cover items stolen from your vehicle?

Does auto policy cover stolen items . Many auto insurance policies will cover stolen items from your vehicle but only a very limited amount. For instance, if you have you (MORE)
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Will homeowner's insurance cover a stolen car?

Answer . \nThe simple answer is NO. Homeowners policies will specifically exclude any vehicle licensed or intended for road use. To get coverage you will need to have Comp (MORE)
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Does home insurance cover stolen property?

Answer . i assume here you are talking about personal property? that is stolen? most do have personal property coverage, however there are strictly dwelling policys that c (MORE)
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In an accident involving a truck and borrowed utility trailer what insurance covers the trailer?

First... Most insurance company's auto's policy will cover you . The problem will come when or If the Trailer Comes Loose and hit's another person or car. If you have basic (MORE)
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Does car insurance cover towing travel trailer in Texas?

It's always best to get an additional "rider" on your auto insurance when towing a travel trailer, especially one that you don't own. If you do own such a trailer, you would a (MORE)
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Does auto insurance cover the cost of a stolen GPS?

No, most will not unless you have additional coverage for accessories. However, if you have a GPS system that includes anti-theft features such as the Millennium Plus availabl (MORE)
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Does homeowners insurance cover a car stolen off your property?

No, Never. An auto theft would have to be covered by the vehicle owners comprehensive auto insurance policy. A homeowners Insurance policy is not liable for the theft of a v (MORE)
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Does liability insurance cover a stolen car?

Liability Insurance and the Stolen Vehicle No, Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages or injuriesthat we cause to others. It does not provide coverage for our ownv (MORE)
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Property insurance cover stolen motorcycle?

No, your homeowners insurance would not provide coverage for the theft of your motorcycle, regardless of where you parked it. Homeowners insurance only provides coverage for c (MORE)
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Does auto insurance cover trailer?

Yes. In Colorado a trailer would be covered under the auto insurance policy. If you have a fifth wheel or camper I would recommended and insurance policy by itself on it.
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Does homeowners insurance cover stolen tools?

Generally speaking, a homeowner's policy covers personal property for loss by theft. Tools used for business purposes may not be considered by personal property.
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Is the auto covered if the keys are in the vehicle when stolen?

There should be a number on the back of the insurance card you carry in your wallet that has a number to call. You can call that number and ask. You do have a card in your wal (MORE)
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Your truck was stolen is it fully covered?

It depends on what sort of coverage you had on it and what determination the investigator comes to. If the investigator determines it to be insurance fraud, you won't collect (MORE)
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Does auto insurance cover stolen cars?

Auto insurance will cover the theft of your vehicle if you maintain comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is generally sold in conjunction with collision coverage. Ho (MORE)
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What does gap auto insurance cover?

Physical damage coverage on an auto policy says that the insurance company has the option of paying to repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. In the cas (MORE)
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Does auto insurance cover stolen vehicles during bankruptcy?

Of course, Unless you stopped paying your premiums and were cancelled. A bankruptcy has no bearing on your auto insurance coverage. That being said, A Theft, Vandalism o (MORE)
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DOES auto insurance COVER you or your auto?

It depends upon the kind of insurance to which you are referring. Physical damage coverage (collision and comprehensive) covers physical damage to the vehicle insured accor (MORE)
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Will comprehensive auto insurance cover a claim if a tow truck damages your car in transit?

I would say that the tow truck is liable for this claim. This is also what your insurance company will say even if they go ahead and pay the claim to keep you happy. Most of t (MORE)
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Does renters insurance cover car contents if stolen?

In general no, vandalism of an automobile is covered by thevehicles auto insurance policy. However you may have coverage for certain household belongingswhile outside the pre (MORE)
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What does home content insurance cover?

Home Contents Insurance covers the contents of one's home. This is normal coverage in the event of a fire or natural disaster that destroys one's items. It gives the policyhol (MORE)
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What does business contents insurance cover?

Business contents insurance works in the same way as your home contents insurance but the items in your business premises are covered instead of those in your home. The exact (MORE)
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What does contents only insurance cover?

Contents only insurance covers things that normal aren't covered if you have insurance for a building for example. It covers stuff inside of it that you would take with you if (MORE)
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What does building content insurance cover?

Building content insurance cover the contents of an individual's home while the person is residing there. Some insurance companies will also provide coverage for an individua (MORE)
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What insurance covers the contents of buildings?

The insurance that covers the contents of buildings is called 'Buildings and Contents Insurance'. It provides more protection that just buildings insurance by covering the con (MORE)
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Does contents insurance cover computers?

Basic contents (non-scheduled) provides coverage for householdfurnishings and fixtures. Scheduled contents can cover anything you choose to schedule forcoverage. It may be b (MORE)