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If you are pregnant is it harmful for the baby if the man ejaculates inside of you?

Answer . No, sex is completely harmless and healthy when you are pregnant. Most couples enjoy this carefree time when birth control is not needed. In fact, when a woman rea (MORE)
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Is it okay to ejaculate inside your partner while she's pregnant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMy husband did and it was fine. As a matter of fact when she is close to her due date if you have sex and ejaculate inside her, it will help her to (MORE)
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If the guy ejaculates near the girl's vagina while they are both wearing underwear while grinding and the girl is on the pill and takes it every day like clock work can she be pregnant?

Answer . My GYN told once that the only time you can't get pregnant is when you already are. So, I guess the answer is yes. How about I was still a virgin when I got preg (MORE)
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What is the chance of pregnancy The condom broke while inside but before the male ejaculated it was about 10 days before the females period and the condom was spermicidal?

ok there is still a little bit of the chance, if your period is on a 28 day cycle, than there is about 4 days until you ovulate, you cant become pregnant on that day, but sper (MORE)
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Chances of gettting pregnant 6 days before your period when the man ejaculated inside of you?

Chances will be most likely be lower, since the egg released at ovulation will most likely have degenerated at this point. Thus there is nothing to fertilize, and the sperm is (MORE)
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If a man pre-ejaculates in a lake while wearing pants and 10 days after your period you get rain in your mouth can you get pregnant?

No, for several reasons. first, pre-ejaculate contains no sperm, and without male gametes pregnancy is impossible. second, the pants would contain most of the ejaculate, (MORE)