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Who is doras boyfriend?

"Doras boyfriend is either boots or diego". This answer is incorrect! How silly...Diego is her cousin & Boots is her pet monkey. :P . OMG OMG DIEGO IS DORAS COUZIN! WHAT THE (MORE)
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Is the show 'Dora the Explorer' inappropriate?

Dora may be a boring show for parents, but is a fascinating show teaching our children everyday. So no, Dora is absolutely NOT inappropriate.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dora-heita - 2000?

The cast of Dora-heita - 2000 includes: Keiko Akashi Makoto Akatsuka Tetsuya Aoki Nekohachi Edoya Hiraku Hamada Tatsuo Higashida Yasushi Hirai Katsushi Ikeda Hiroko Isayama Re (MORE)