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What is the natural habitat of the Dorcas gazelle?

They are found in the semi arid deserts of Africa, Arabia, Iran and Northern India and survive on any vegetation they can find in grassland, leaves, flowers, acacia trees and ( Full Answer )
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How long was Dorcas dead before Peter raised her to life?

The Bible account of Dorcas' resurrection by Peter doesn't say how long she had been dead. Acts 9:36-42 -- "But in Jop´pa there was a certain disciple named Tab´i·t ( Full Answer )
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What are dorcas gazelles adaptations?

the adaptations of the Dorcas gazelles are , fast movement to escape it prey and light brown color to camouflage into the dead grass.
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Why was Dorcas Goode accused in the Salem trials?

Her mother had been accused and examined. She would have been an obvious next target had the girls been picking and choosing who to accuse. Had the girls not picked and chosen ( Full Answer )
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What is the dorcas gazelles prey?

it is a female homucas bird and the ribs of lions the europen honey provide honey fot that
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Who was Dorcas in the book of Acts?

Dorcas - also known as Tabitha a Jewish woman that was faithful to the ministry. Her name means gazelle. a devoted disciple who tragically died and Peter resurrected her back ( Full Answer )
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Is dorcas a brand name for bed linen?

I have just purchased a box of Dorcas quality bed linen unopened, so yes is the answer, established in 1747 but unsure when they ceased to be a company.
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Home for addax and dorcas gazelle?

The Addax, an antelope, and the dorcas gazelle are both found inAfrica and Arabia. They survive on vegetation in grassland, steppe,wadis, mountain desert and semidesert climat ( Full Answer )
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Where is dorcas gazelle habitat?

it is located in the Sahara desert, if you want more information, type in 'dorcas gazelle' in Google and go to the link which has information on the dorcas gazelle, read it an ( Full Answer )
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How did sydney become dorcas son in lark rise to candleford?

At the end of series 2 Sydney's real father James Dowland leaves his son with Dorcas. She adopts him as it is clear that Syndney would be better off with her than with his fat ( Full Answer )
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What is the story of Dorcas in the Bible?

Dorcas (Tabitha) was a loving Christian woman who was known for her kind works. When she got sick and died, Peter resurrected her. The account is found at: (Acts 9:36-43) ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the name Dorcas?

Dorcas is a Greek word meaning kind of deer, probably derived from the verb derkomai meaning to have beautiful, bright or flashing eyes.
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Where did the name dorcas come from?

It is originally came from Greek meaning a gazelle and it was a name given to a widowed lady who served others through good charity. She was also nicknamed Tabitha in Aramaic ( Full Answer )
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Who was Dorcas the disciple's husband?

The disciple Dorcas (in Greek) is also known as Tabitha (in Aramaic) and means 'the gazelle' and she features in Acts 9 36-42. She lived in Joppa, and, judging by the quicknes ( Full Answer )
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Why did dorcas good loose her mind in jail?

she was four years old when put in jail. she went mad because her mother was acussed and killed for being a witch.
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When was Dorcas good hanged?

Dorcas (Dorothy) Good was four at the time of the Salem witch trials. She was questioned during the trial of her mother Sarah Good and eventually confessed to witchcraft. She ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Dorcas Matthews been in?

Dorcas Matthews has: Played Madeline Travers in "The Jungle Child" in 1916. Played Rosita in "Honor Thy Name" in 1916. Played Maya in "The Captive God" in 1916. Played Eleanor ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Dorcas Alma Hewitt written?

Dorcas Alma Hewitt has written: 'The Fort Pitt Trail' -- subject(s): Saskatchewan, Fort Pitt Trail, Lloydminster, Frontier and pioneer life
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What has the author Dorcas Flannery written?

Dorcas Flannery has written: 'Mapping of the hyperbolic sine from the Z plane to the W plane and comparison with the hyperbolic cosine'
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What has the author Dorcas L Bowles written?

Dorcas L. Bowles has written: 'Casework with disadvantaged Negro families: approaches, techniques, and theoretical implications' -- subject(s): African American poor familie ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Dorcas Dole written?

Dorcas Dole has written: 'Once more a warning to thee O England, but more particularly to the inhabitants of the city of Bristol' -- subject(s): Religious life and customs, ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Gemma Dorcas Wood written?

Gemma Dorcas Wood has written: 'A comparison of form and function in the preceptories of two military orders'
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What has the author Dorcas Cavett written?

Dorcas Cavett has written: 'My first 81 years' -- subject(s): Biography, Social life and customs, Teachers