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Can soap residue kill a goldfish?

Answer . There are constituents of certain soaps that could be harmful or fatal to a goldfish. Detergent would be far more dangerous, however, than soap.
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Does soap kill germs?

Soap can kill germs but can't get rid of them permanently. They will keep coming back. Don't buy 'can kill 99.9% of germs because not only does it kill bad germs, but it kills (MORE)
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How does soap kill germs?

This really depends on what you mean by germs. The most common intent behind the word is bacteria and viruses (virii). Also of concern are spores and fungi (fungal agents). Yo (MORE)
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Which soap kills the most germs?

Body soaps would all be similar in action against most germs. Some may work better on some kinds of germs than others, but not significantly different. The most important part (MORE)
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How does hand soap kill bacteria?

Scrubbing with hand soap, including under your fingernails, andthen running warm water over your hands loosens the bacteria sothey are removed and sent down the drain to die.
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Can you kill fleas with Dawn soap?

No! There is nothing in Dawn dish soap that will chemically kill fleas or their eggs! It will smother them like any other soap & water combo! Quit looking for the cheap way ou (MORE)
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Does ivory soap kill fleas?

No, it will not- but you can use it though if you, want something to remove flea's easier. It will do that though; so, if you're going to be using it to wash your dogs or ect- (MORE)
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Can soap kill you?

SOAP CAN KILL YOU!!!!!!!! soap can kill you and you will be dead in 30 min if you sleep you will not be killed my name is TobeJackson and i was killed by soap.
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What is a soap plant?

The Soap Plant or Amole Chlorogalum pomeridianum . The leaves of the soap plant grow up to 2 feet long and lay flat on the ground. when these leaves start to withe (MORE)
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Will soap kill plants?

It depends. If the soap is natural, it is fine, such as ivory liquid soap, or other soaps without perfume or fragrance. Detergent however, will kill it. That's because deterge (MORE)
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What does soap do to plants?

ype your answer here... depends what type of soap your asking about read the ingredients are sometimes in old Latin, i dont mean Latin america. use web to translate if you don (MORE)
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Does dawn soap kill fleas?

I tried it and it works! But remember, you have to leave the suds on for ten minutes on the coat so that it all the fleas die and do not return. Then watch your dog for twenty (MORE)
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Will soap kill yeast?

No, soap will not kill yeast. A woman can now buy over the counteryeast infection medicine without a prescription. The medicine canbe bought at any drug store or retail store (MORE)
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Will dish soap kill flowers?

My credentials: NONE -- just a homeowner with a very green yard and beautiful flowers. I do use mild, diluted home dish soap on my plants occasionally. Soap increases water (MORE)
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Does dish soap kill germs?

it can kill most of the germs but it is not guaranteed. it will probably kill about 99 percent of bacteria and germs with only 1 percent to spread again.
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Does soap kill plants?

Yes,because soap has a chemical,and chemicals kill plants.
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Soap people in to kill a mockingbird?

One day while Jem and Scout were walking home from school, they stopped to look and see what was left inside the knot-hole in the tree. They discovered that Boo Radley had whi (MORE)
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Can all soaps kill germs?

Most soaps don't directly kill germs. They dissolve oils and dirt and loosen them from your skin so they can be washed down the drain, and with them go the germs. That is, if (MORE)
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Does dawn soap kill fungus?

No! To kill a fungus you need an anti-fungal shampoo. ex: Nizorell shampoo (marketed for human use but safe on animals)
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Does soap kill sperm germs?

yes....soap is sodium(Na )or potassium(k) salt of a higher fatty acid and may present RCOO-Na+ the soap helps in emulsyfying and washing away the oils and fats.hard water does (MORE)
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Can lye soap kill bedbugs?

If it was a strong enough solution, but if it was strong enough to work would also damage surfaces. There are readily available sprays that will do it without the damage.
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Can you kill a bee with soap and water?

You can kill anything with enough Soap and Water. You just need a enough of it. Throw the Soap Bar at the bee and hes dead... Drown the bee with water and hes dead OR Mix s (MORE)