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What are the ECB guidelines of RBI?

1. ECB cannot be used in Stock or Real Estate. 2. For infrastructure and Telecom, 50% of the funding can be done by ECB. 3. For repayment of the FCCB, ECB can be done 6 month ( Full Answer )
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How the ecb work?

The basic tasks that they carry out can be summarised as: . to define and implement monetary policy for the euro area; . to conduct foreign exchange operations and to hold a ( Full Answer )
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What does ECB stand for?

ECB stand for East Calton Boyz, they are a really crap gang with gay people like lachy.
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What is the ecb?

The ECB, is also know as the European Central Bank. Obvious as it sounds, it is the Central bank for the Eurozone
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What is meant by the initials ECB?

The ECB can have a lot of meanings, some self appointed by individuals, others by reputed businesses. This stands for the European Central Bank, apparently.