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What does EDS mean?

EDS, . Electronic Data Systems, Corporation
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What is pretax-ed savings?

Answer . It is what you have saved prior to paying taxes at the end of the year.
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What is a ede?

EDE = electronic data exchange
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What does EDS stand for?

An Ed.S. is a degree received by education specialists. It is agraduate degree, and many online programs are available.
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What is festival of ede?

Eid is festival like cristmas,but There are two kind of celebration,one is Eid ul fitar that is after 30 days fastening,after Ramadan(fastening month)we celebrate Eid on first (MORE)
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When is the festival of Ede?

It is either Wednesday 8th of September of Thursday 9th September....depending on the moon. It's a different time each year though.
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What is an eds degree?

An EDS degree is an advanced degree in Education that is beyond theMaster's level. EDS stands for Education Specialist degree.
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What rhymes with -ed?

head, bed, said, dead, wed, lead, fed, shed, spread, bled, red, tread, Fred, led, shread, sped, bred, ahead, bread, embed... Hope this was what you were looking for!)
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Who founded the EDS?

EDS [ electronics data system ] was founded by Ross Perot . Ross Perot is perhaps best known for running as an independent candidate in the US presidential elections in 1992 (MORE)
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What was Mr Eds real name?

Mr. Ed's real name was Bamboo Harvester. He was an American Saddlebred.
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When is the Muslim festival of ede 2010?

Muslims have two eids (ede as you wrote it) every year first Eid Al-Fitr (Breakfast Eid) which comes after the month of fasting "Ramadhan" this year 2010 Eid Al-Fits was (MORE)
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What is a Ed-participle?

The past participle -ed is used to describe how people feel about something or someone.
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How is EDS treated?

Medical therapy relies on managing symptoms and trying to prevent further complications. There is no cure for EDS
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What does EDS affect?

EDS is a group of genetic disorders that usually affects the skin, ligaments, joints, and blood vessels
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What happens in EDS vascular type?

The connective tissue in the intestines, arteries, uterus, and other hollow organs may be unusually weak, leading to organ or blood vessel rupture