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Can former mari inantrymen wear the EIB?

The Marine Corps doesn't have an award which is equivalent to theArmy's EIB. You'd have to hold an 11 or 18 series MOS while servingin the Army and pass the EIB testing in ord (MORE)
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Why is EIB important to an Infantryman?

Honestly? Promotion points. Other than that, grunts like to brag,and that's something they can wear on the BDUs (or ACUs now) whichlets the world know they're an infantryman.

Can you wear your EIB after reclassing and leaving the Infantry?

Yes. It is a skill badge you were awarded, and you'll always be permitted to wear it, even if you don't remain in the infantry. Just like you would still wear jump wings if yo (MORE)
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Can you wear the blue EIB on the ACU?

No. The only time this is done is a matter of local policy, wherethe unit might dictate that those who were awarded the EIBpreviously (and thus aren't testing for it) wear it (MORE)
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When was the EIB Network founded?

The E.I.B. Network was founded in 2004. This stands for the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. This is a talk radio network with a conservative viewpoint.