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Why didn't the Indians like the East India Compane EIC?

The algonqiun native Americans convinced the Indians to the trade route. The Algonquins tricked them as they attacked them through a passage he led them through. l
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What is eic?

eic would probably be referring to the EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT (EITC) Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC ) The Earned Inco ( Full Answer )
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Why was the EIC interested in India?

The subcontinent was famous for its spices, cotton and other rawmaterials and on the other hand the British was experiencingIndustrial revolution so the EIC wanted gain advant ( Full Answer )
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Do you get the eic in Florida?

The Earned Income Credit is eligible to citizens in all 50 states when filing their yearly federal income tax return. There are eligibility requirement to meet the test for re ( Full Answer )
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If EIC earned income credit is more than refund can student loans take your taxes Bankruptcy and other agencies cannot take your tax refund when eic is greater in amount than that of the refund?

Any federal or state agencies (including student loan and child support) have the right to take any amount due from your refund. It has nothing to do with EIC and they have th ( Full Answer )
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Who can claim a qualifying child for the EIC after divorce is not specified in divorce agreement?

The child that the child actually lives with for most of the year can claim the EIC on the child. If the divorce agreement specifies that a non-custodial parent can claim the ( Full Answer )
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Why did the EIC become involved in the sub continent?

Traders reported evidence of immense wealth in the sub-Continent which led to the EIC establishing a trading base there since they saw a profitable future. It also wanted to e ( Full Answer )
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How much to make to claim EIC?

When you meet the rules to qualify for the earned income tax credit you can get $2 of the EITC if you have $1 to $50 of qualified income from the worksheet that comes with the ( Full Answer )
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Do you qualify for eic when self employed?

Any earned income, including net earnings from self-employment, may qualify you for the Earned Income Credit. But you still have to meet the income limits and other requiremen ( Full Answer )
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What is the income limit to be eligible for the EIC I have a family of five is there a limit per household size?

For a taxpayer with 3 or more children, the maximum Earned Income Credit is $5,657 and you will receive the maximum amount as long as you earned less than $21,420 in 2009. You ( Full Answer )
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Can you claim eic if you do not claim income?

No. You must report income to receive the Earned Income Credit. You must file a tax return to receive the credit, even if you otherwise would not have to. Any amount of the cr ( Full Answer )
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How can you get advance eic payments?

If you meet the rules under Who can get the advance payment of the earned income credit , give your employer a Form W-5, Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate, ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay federal taxes if you get eic through out the year?

You will HAVE to file your 1040 federal income tax correctly and completely for this purpose when you have received some advance EITC payment through out the year. When you ge ( Full Answer )
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What will be a better choice EIC in YMCA or ECE in deen bandhu murthal.?

eic in ymca bcoz by doing btech in eic you can also place inautomation companies as well as electronics and it companies ., (in ymca mostly automation companies come for mecha ( Full Answer )
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Why was EIC interested in the Indian sub continent?

EIC was interested in the subcontinent because they were in need of natural resources mainly spices and they knew that the majority of people living in the subcontinent were u ( Full Answer )
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Can you get EIC if you had no income last year?

No, the Earned Income Credit is based on whether or not you have what the IRS considers qualifying earned Income. Earned income most commonly is derived from wages earned from ( Full Answer )
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What was the EIC?

In 1600 Queen Elizabeth I granted permission to a group ofmerchants to set up a private trading company named as East Indiacompany(EIC)