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Did the founding fathers intend for our courts to be accessible only to elitists who could afford a lawyer?

No. I think that lawyers services cost less then than they do now. Beyond that, then, as now, there were lawyers who were willing to accept little or no pay, in at least some (MORE)
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What does an elitist argue?

Elitists argue that a small percentage of economic elite membershave the most power and influence over policies. They believe thatthese elite members are independent from the (MORE)
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Which city has the most elitist sports fans?

West By God Virginia deffintely we got don't juz talk crap r teams can actually back it up........ LSU thinks their good wait till next year we'll prolly c them i the champion (MORE)
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What is an elitist theory of government?

It argues that effective power is held by a small group of people - the elite. Elitist theorists disagree about exactly who makes up this elite. argues that effective power i (MORE)
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Is a scholar an elitist?

Well, they SHOULDN'T be, but sadly. more often than not, they ARE. Or so they feel too.
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What is exactly meant by 'Elitist'?

An elitist is somebody who thinks that they are of a group or class that's superior to others.
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What are elitists?

The elitist theory claims that in any society, only a small number of people hold the power. The people in this group are called the elites.
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Why are uppity and elitist synonyms on

I don't know where you found that, but WikiAnswers is a "wiki", which means anyone who visits the site can answer questions. Some people will answer them correctly, some won't (MORE)
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What is the synonym of elitist?

Snobbish ( a snob is a low-class person with delusions of being a high-class person); patrician; oligarchic.
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What is the difference between pluralist and elitist theories of government?

Elite theory is said to be the theory of the state of which a smallmember of the of richest members of the population control thecountry, despite the results of the election. (MORE)
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What is a summary of Karl Marx's elitist theory?

Karl Marx's view on capitalism was the the bourgeoisie consists ofthose who own and control means of production allowing them todominate and exploit the working class.
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What is the difference between majoritarian politics and elitist politics?

The answer lies in who is deciding the political discourse of the state. In a Majoritarian model, the people make decisions through majority rule. In an Elitist model, however (MORE)
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What is the elitists view of democracy?

In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the state which seeks to describe and explain the power relationships in contemporary society. The theory pos (MORE)
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List four major points made by the elitist view of the interest group system?

The major points held by many social scientists which holds that American politics is best understood through the generalization that nearly all political power is held by a r (MORE)
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A code for elitists sword on Free Realms?

There is no code for it, you get it in your daily spin if your lucky. I don't think you can get it anymore though and i didn't get it so I is sad :(
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What is elitist theory of government?

The theory is that only a few people, the elite, are capable of governing . Some would say that this is the way things should be. Others would say that is the way it will be a (MORE)
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Is it true that the Mormons are no better than the Jews at the time of Jesus by not allowing all sinners into their temples which is necessary for exaltation and only allowing the Mormon elitists in?

It is true that those who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are not granted entrance to temples once they are dedicated (MORE)
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Where could one go to purchase a vintage Epiphone Elitist guitar?

A vintage Epiphone Elitist guitar may be found in local music stores, at auctions and even some larger pawn shops might have one. As always, one could go online and look. Offe (MORE)