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What is EPS?

Answer . EPS stands for "Encapsulated PostScript" . PostScript is basically a programming language that can define how information can appear on a printed page or on a compu ( Full Answer )
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How to edit EPS?

Answer . EPS stands for "Encapsulated Post Script". It is a file file format that uses vetors instead of an image matrix(like a bitmap, jpeg,gif, etc..). To edit the eps y ( Full Answer )
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What does 'epping' mean?

In Briton a name place that ends in "ing" refers to a people. So Epping is Epp's people. I believe this dates from Pre-Roman times.
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What does ep stand for?

EP stands for Extended Play - longer than a single, but shorter than a full album
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What is an ep in music?

EP is short for "extended player" or "extended play", typically meaning longer than a single and shorter than an LP ("long player")
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What is an EP?

EP stands for Extended Play. It usually refers to a 12" Vinyl record which is played at 45 rpm instead of the usual 33 1 / 3
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What is Gold EP?

Answer . Gold EP stands for gold electroplate. it means that a very thin layer of gold has been electrolytically plated over another metal, usually a base metal of little ( Full Answer )
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What is EP?

EP is a musical term that stands for extended play. An EP has moresongs than a single, but does not have enough to stand as a fullstudio album.
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Meaning of EP in 24Kt EP?

Electroplated. What it means is that the item is very, very thinly coated with a fine gold. The gold is not worth much. It means that if you are alergic to the base metal, you ( Full Answer )
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What is an EP single?

Extended-play discs (EPs) are CDs with a total playing time greater than that of a single but less than that of a full CD.
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Where can you find def leppard's EP?

Ebay is your best bet, but be prepared to pay lots for the red label copy. You could also try, but very rare to find one in stock.
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Meaning of ep?

The phrase "EP" as it relates to the music industry stands for "Extended Play.". EP's are typically short (4 to five songs) debut albums that are released by new bands wishin ( Full Answer )
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What is EPS stand for?

As per finace term EPS stand for Earning Per Share. It's calculated to know the profite/revenue come on each SHARE to the Share holder/company..
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What is EP in music?

Extended Play.. it refers to a single size 45rpm Vinyl record, which has 2 tracks on each side as opposed to 1
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With ep Does deidara die Shippuden Ep?

I've been sneaking around in youtube to find some answers on that and it turns out that deidara doesn't die YAY I saw this episode on you tube. sasuke stops the suicider bomb, ( Full Answer )
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What is EP album?

The question appears to be contradictory. Album would normally be associated with LP = Long Playing Record. EP = Extended Play Record (would normally have 2 tracks per s ( Full Answer )
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What is a bands EP?

A band's EP is usually a batch of 3-6 songs that are released before a full-length album comes out, or during the wait time between a band's album releases. ///Reasons inde ( Full Answer )
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What is ep diamond?

The term EP can mean 'electro-plate', which is a characteristic of the metal in which the stone is set. EP is also used to identify cutting tools used to draw designs in meta ( Full Answer )
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When is ep?

ep stands for extended play bonehead1000 . ermm well what well it depense are you tallking about a tv show like Pokemon or CN'S new show what ep do you whant u shoul ( Full Answer )
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What is ep copy?

Firstly you have to understand what EP copy is. Export Promotion, it simply defines to promote the export of some specific articles (metals, etc.). They pay some subsidy at an ( Full Answer )
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What ep is the battle of the Hokage?

Just watch 'The Chunin Exams: Final Rounds Begin!' Episodes. You'll find it at the end of those.
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What eps does rrbz come in ppgz?

well here is what eps i know where they come in here it is ep 20 and ep 51 all i know !
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What does ep on iTunes mean?

'EP' stands for 'Extended Play'. Its sort of like a mini-album with no more than 5 or 6 songs, maybe even less than that.
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Sonic RPG eps 9?

there is no Sonic RPG eps 9. MidNighMaren ( hasn't made episode 9 yet. Don't worry, you aren't alone in waiting. :)
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What ep does fillers end after ep 226 of bleach?

The fillers ended at 265, putting an end to season 13, which was a complete filler. Episodes up until 298 have been made now, all continuing from where Ichigo last left off. ( Full Answer )
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What does 14KT GOLD EP mean?

Usually used for jewellery that is very thinly plated with Gold (electroplated) over a simple metal
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What does the EPS tell an investor?

EPS means Earnings per Share. It is the company's earnings for a certain period--usually a quarter or a year--divided by shares outstanding. It could tell me a lot of things. ( Full Answer )
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When did Lincoln Sign the Ep?

September 1862, a few days after the Confederate defeat at Antietam. This gave Lincoln the credibility to issue the Proclamation without making it look like a desperate measu ( Full Answer )
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Is You a meshuggah album or an ep?

I don't believe there's a Meshuggah release with the name of "You." You might be confusing it with "I" which is an EP.
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What is EP brass?

I found a set of wine glasses that have E.P.Brass on the bottom. Are they silver
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What is the cimfam ep?

CimFam is the EP of cimorelli, which is a family band of six sisters called Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani(Danielle) Cimorelli. CimFam is their EP, it includ ( Full Answer )