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What is EPS?

Answer . EPS stands for "Encapsulated PostScript" . PostScript is basically a programming language that can define how information can appear on a printed page or on a compu (MORE)
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How to edit EPS?

Answer . EPS stands for "Encapsulated Post Script". It is a file file format that uses vetors instead of an image matrix(like a bitmap, jpeg,gif, etc..). To edit the eps y (MORE)
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What does 'epping' mean?

In Briton a name place that ends in "ing" refers to a people. So Epping is Epp's people. I believe this dates from Pre-Roman times.
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What is an EP?

EP stands for Extended Play. It usually refers to a 12" Vinyl record which is played at 45 rpm instead of the usual 33 1 / 3
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What is EP?

EP is a musical term that stands for extended play. An EP has moresongs than a single, but does not have enough to stand as a fullstudio album.
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Meaning of EP in 24Kt EP?

Electroplated. What it means is that the item is very, very thinly coated with a fine gold. The gold is not worth much. It means that if you are alergic to the base metal, you (MORE)
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What is an EP single?

Extended-play discs (EPs) are CDs with a total playing time greater than that of a single but less than that of a full CD.
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What is EP album?

The question appears to be contradictory. Album would normally be associated with LP = Long Playing Record. EP = Extended Play Record (would normally have 2 tracks per s (MORE)
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What is ep diamond?

The term EP can mean 'electro-plate', which is a characteristic of the metal in which the stone is set. EP is also used to identify cutting tools used to draw designs in meta (MORE)
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When is ep?

ep stands for extended play bonehead1000 . ermm well what well it depense are you tallking about a tv show like Pokemon or CN'S new show what ep do you whant u shoul (MORE)