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Que es amistad?

Un amigo es más que una persona. Algo que no es físico, algo que siempre llevas. Es eso que recoges por el camino y guardas en tu cajita de cristal, cuidadosamente acomo ( Full Answer )
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What does ese mean?

Used as a suffix, "ese" means a kind of dialect or specialized language. Doctors can be said to speak medicalese. Lawyers speak legalese. Etc. Ese in spanish means that. Es ( Full Answer )
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What does es stand for?

The abbreviation ES has multiple meanings, the context of its usehelps to determine the meaning. Some common meanings used incomputing include energy saving, enterprise soluti ( Full Answer )
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What does es mean?

' Es ' in Spanish means '(he/she/it) is.' It's an irregular verb form of ser , 'to be'. For example: El gato mio es simpatico (My cat is nice.) In German, "es" is the ( Full Answer )
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What is Proxene ES?

Proxene ES is an anti-aging supplement. The supplement helps yourbody fight off common age-related disorders. A 30-day supplyaverages at a price of $50.
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What is es in spanish?

ud. es- it is (most common but it is just the pronoun i am changing. ella es- she is. ello es- es
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Si hoy es jueves manana es?

Soy (if) hoy es jueves, manana es viernes, . Soy (if) hoy (today) es (is) jueves (Thursday), ma& ntilde;ana (tomorrow) es (is) viernes (Friday) Remember in Spani ( Full Answer )
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What is es?

This is the third person singular form of the verb "to be": yo soy (I am), tu eres (you are -- referring to a family member or someone you love); el/ella es (he or she is). In ( Full Answer )
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What does kien es ese mean in English?

it means "Who is that?". The first word is "Quién", not "Kien" and it means "who".. The second word is "es" which comes from the word "ser" which means "to be". "Es" mean ( Full Answer )
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What does the es in Percocet es mean?

Percocet (a trade name of Endo Pharmaceuticals for a narcotic pain killer containing oxycodone and acetaminophe) is an analgesic, the ES refers to the Extra Strength formulati ( Full Answer )
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When do you use es?

Need more information to answer properly. Is this question is asking when do you use the word "ES" (is) which is a form of the verb "Ser" as opposed to when do you use ESTA ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer que es?

that means it is so if someone says that without anything else it is probably a question
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Me gusta ese nene in English?

I like that boy (si es un chico jovencito, como teenager) or I like that man (si es un hombre)
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Que es un pitorito?

Un pitorito es un victorito en su máximo estado de pitoritación. Unejemplo claro de pitorito es Victor Pérez Cañete.
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Tu es nonpulchra sed tu es lata?

The offending translation is: "You are not pretty but you are wide." I certainly hope this translation wasn't directed towards anyone in particular.
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Me Casa es su Casa?

Literally, "Mi casa es su casa" or "Mi casa su casa" means "My house is your house." It's like "Welcome! Come on in! Take your shoes off and make yourself at home!"
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What is quien es in Spanish?

quien es means "who is" like someone knocking on the door "who is it?" in spanish it would be "quien es?" or also "who is this person?" - "quien es esta persona?"
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Why do you add es to the end of words?

The letters "es" form the conjugations or plurals of words that already end in an S, X, Z, CH, or SH sound , because the additional sibilant S is pronounced in that way. E ( Full Answer )
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Que es la introduccion?

es lo que se pone al inicio de un libro o trabajo en el que se dauna breve explicación de lo que se va hablar en tu libro o trabajo
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Words that end in es or ies?

Some plural nouns that end in -es or -ies are: . baby, babies . berry, berries . box, boxes . branch, branches . flash, flashes . fox, foxes . glass, glasses . guess ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer Cual es tu nombre?

They are asking: "What is your name? so you would say me nombre es (your name).!.
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Why do people have to be -----es?

Usually, if you're nice to others, they're nice to you. you should always try to win over your enimies with kindness, it usually works. If you think they'd just take advantage ( Full Answer )
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Mi primo es nigeriano Él es?

"My cousin is Nigerian. He is..." ( de Nigeria ). africino bad spelling but close
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How do you answer el gusto es mio?

"El gusto es mío" usually is the reponse to the statement "mucho gusto conocerle", which someone would use at a first meeting. "Pleased to meet you." "El gusto es mío" i ( Full Answer )
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Que es un cartigalo?

No es CARTILAGO !! Y es la parte. Blanda k Le da forma a tu nariz orejas y otras partes del cuerpo ..
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Are -s and -es considered suffixes?

Yes, an -s and -es are suffixes at the end of a base word, used toform plural nouns. Examples: suffix, suffixes noun, nouns
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What does si es es mean?

"Si es, es" is Spanish for "If it is, it is". If you just mean "si es", that means "if it is". If you mean "Sí es" (with an accent on "Sí"), it means "Yes, it is".
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Qué es una superred?

Una superred es una ruta sumarizada, donde la mascara de esta es menor o igual a la mascara de la red más corta que se sumarizó.
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What is the genre of Our Es Mayr Im?

Ancient orthodox christian hymn from the nation of Armenia. Supposedly written by one of the Armenian churches most famous saints, Nerses Shnorhali ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer que es esto?

well que es esto is what is it so you would answer what it is!
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Who es chicharito?

chicharito es un Dios azteca juaga futbol como si estubiera comiendose unos tacos al pastor