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What is ethnography and ethnographic survey?

Ethnography is a style of writing that relies heavily on social and interpersonal phenomena. Many anthropologists use this tactic as a basis of their work, as they work with t (MORE)
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What is an Ethnographer?

The branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures.
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What is an ethnographic boundary?

An ethnographic boundary is the dividing line between two ethnicgroups. This can be a physical or a theoretical boundary.
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What is a ethnographic boundary?

A boundary line that coincides with some cultaral divide , such as language and religion.
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What is an auto ethnographic text?

Autoethnography is a reflexive perspective on the self as researcher. A text is written in the research process, on the researcher's experience, which can be called an autoeth (MORE)
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What does Ethnographers scientists do?

An ethnographer is a social scientist who studies human behaviour in its natural setting and provides detailed descriptions and analysis of the rituals and interactions of his (MORE)
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What specific steps are involved in Ethnographic Observation?

1. Physical (where is it done, and what objects are involved) 2. Cultural (people manage others) 3. Functional (certain employees create products or do they document procedure (MORE)
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What is timeless ethnographic present?

The timeless ethnographic present is the concept of studying a people as you can view them at a specific time and then writing about it, in an ethnography, as if it was how th (MORE)
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What is ethnographic drawing?

Hi I hope this is the answer you are looking for. First Ethnography is a systematic study of a particular cultural group or phenomenon. It is based upon extensive fieldwork in (MORE)
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Who is the first ethnographer in the Philippines?

Ferdinand Blumentritt was one of the first ethnographers of the Philippines. He was a teacher, a principal, and a writer who was born in Prague, and was known for his close fr (MORE)
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Definition of ethnographic film?

A non-fiction film, often similar to a documentary film,historically dealing with non-Western people, and sometimesassociated with anthropology.