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Why do you have eyes?

People have eyes because they have eyes. There is not a reason. But you should take care of them and watch out for them. They are like your babies. They need food and water, t ( Full Answer )
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What are eyes?

Eyes are two round things that can be brown, blue, green, or gray that are close to the top of your head. idk lol im blind so i dont use them hahahaha
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The Eyes Have it?

An old saying when voting verbally was Yaeh or nay. Sometimes voting yes to something was AYE. So the saying when yes won the vote THE AYES HAVE IT.
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What does the eye do?

[. The eye is basically a camera taking pictures of images it sees and sends it to the brain where it is stored.
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How do you find out which eye is your dominate eye?

It's not exactly a technical method, but this the way we used to tell which is the dominant eye.. Quickly, without thinking about it, point at a distant object, and then don' ( Full Answer )
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What does 'see eye to eye' mean?

See Eye to Eye - to agree fully; to have the same opinion . Origin: This expression can be found in Isaiah 52:8. Imagine two people side by side watching the same thing. Si ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the blood out of your eye from a punch in the eye?

Blood on the front white part of the eye, it is called a subconjunctival hemhorrage and it's like getting a bruise on the eye. The only way to get rid of this blood is to all ( Full Answer )
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What do eyes do?

It helps you see better things in life. Without eyes you won't discover new things and you won't enjoy life at all. Imagine the people who can't see. :( . it helps you ( Full Answer )
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Eye for an eye?

this is coming from someone with experience, revenge is never the answer. neither is standing by and quietly taking it. stand up for yourself without using violence.
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What do your eyes do for you?

Eyes are organs that can detect light. They then send the signal along the optic nerve to some areas of the brain.
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What is in the eye?

Answer: Several parts make up the human eye. The parts of the eye include the following: Suspensory ligament, ciliary muscle, anterior chamber, cornea, pupil, iris, posterior ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have to eyes?

I'm guessing that you are asking why we have TWO (2) eyes? IF that's your question, then the reason is to have the ability to use binocular vision. This means that the infor ( Full Answer )
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What if you had no eyes?

If you had no eyes, you of course would not be able to see. You also might look very strange to some of the other people around you. You would not look strange of course, but ( Full Answer )
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How do you take an eye lash out of eye?

Although many people will rub their eye, this can be painful and will not help you get the lash out. Rinsing your eye in cold water can help rinse it out or just blinking for ( Full Answer )
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What does the eye operation do to your eyes?

it is very dangerous if you are unlucky you might go blind, won't be able to see colours and your eyes could get really swollen they could get removed so i suggest don't do it ( Full Answer )
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Are blue eyes the best eyes?

Definitely not. If you are talking in terms of blue eyes being rare - definitely not. Blue eyes are not rare, they are quite common. Anyway, it is a matter of opinion (mine is ( Full Answer )
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Is eye makeup bad for your eyes?

It can be if your share your makeup with others, if it is too old or if you get an allergy to some brands. Just make sure you keep it clean and wash your face everyday.
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What is an eye for an eye?

This is a reference to the Bible verse in Leviticus about appropriate punishments. If someone was blinded in an eye, they were free to gouge out the eye of the person who blin ( Full Answer )
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How do you do an smokey eye on green eyes?

this will let you know everything. smokey eye is for every eye color. brown,hazel, green, blue, etc. : browse the website sephora and here are different smoky eye kits yo ( Full Answer )
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What do the rods in your eyes do to help your eye?

Rods are one of two types (the other are cones) of photoreceptor cells in the retina. Both are located at the back of the eye and gather strong and weak light. Rods are active ( Full Answer )
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What year was the eye for an eye a law?

Even before Hebrew law, the oldest known reference to "an eye for an eye" is in Hammurabi's Code of Laws, circa 1760 B.C. (Hammurabi ruled from the years 1792 - 1750 B.C. in M ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of the eye canal in the eye?

Good answer, but this is somewhat incorrect. The optic nerve is the continuation of the retina exiting out of the posterior part of the eye. The retina is the inner most layer ( Full Answer )
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How can you protect your eyes from eye infection?

Well the solution is that when you have dirty hands don't touch your eye. If your freind/family has it if you touch there hands make sure you fully wash it.
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Can eyes be pink and not be pink eye?

It depends if your eye is itching to have pink eye, if it's not itching see an eye doctor. you could also probably get contacts for pink eyes. but be careful!
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What is the origin of the idiom an eye for an eye?

Meaning The notion that for every wrong done there should be a commensurate justice, instead of wholesale retribution. Origin From the Code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi was K ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have eyes?

I we didn't have eyes we wouldn't be able to see things, therefor, we would be blind and then we could not see the things that we see today.
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What does it mean see eye to eye?

To share the same point of view as someone else. To be in agreement on some topic.
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What will the eye doctors do to you at the eye exam?

Ophthalmologist and/or Optometrist, whatever you prefer to call them performs a series of tests to assess a patient's vision and ability to focus on and discern objects, as we ( Full Answer )
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Will eye liner damage your eyes?

Some people have experienced eye damage after frequent use lastingseveral years. Please see the letter to the editor of the British Journal ofOpthalmology titled "Conjunctival ( Full Answer )
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When are your eyes not eyes?

what are you talking about i dont mean this in an ofensive way but seriously? I honesty dont beleive your eyes ever stop being eyes unless when you die and your a donor that t ( Full Answer )