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Why do you have eyes?

People have eyes because they have eyes. There is not a reason. But you should take care of them and watch out for them. They are like your babies. They need food and water, t (MORE)
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What is an eye?

An eye is an organ that senses images and light.
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What is the eye?

the eye is made of white tissue caled sclera
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What is in your eye?

Answer . "hemoglobingastromitghtaouttius" says a 5th grade A++ student.
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What are eyes?

Eyes are two round things that can be brown, blue, green, or gray that are close to the top of your head. idk lol im blind so i dont use them hahahaha
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The Eyes Have it?

An old saying when voting verbally was Yaeh or nay. Sometimes voting yes to something was AYE. So the saying when yes won the vote THE AYES HAVE IT.
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What does the eye do?

[. The eye is basically a camera taking pictures of images it sees and sends it to the brain where it is stored.
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What has eyes?

things that have eyes usually have more than 1
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What do eyes do?

It helps you see better things in life. Without eyes you won't discover new things and you won't enjoy life at all. Imagine the people who can't see. :( . it helps you (MORE)
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Where are your eyes?

Your eyes are on your head. Below your eye brows and above your nose.
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What do your eyes do for you?

Eyes are organs that can detect light. They then send the signal along the optic nerve to some areas of the brain.
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What is in the eye?

Answer: Several parts make up the human eye. The parts of the eye include the following: Suspensory ligament, ciliary muscle, anterior chamber, cornea, pupil, iris, posterior (MORE)
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Why do we have to eyes?

I'm guessing that you are asking why we have TWO (2) eyes? IF that's your question, then the reason is to have the ability to use binocular vision. This means that the infor (MORE)
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Why you have eyes?

This is so you can take note of your surroundings.
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What if you had no eyes?

If you had no eyes, you of course would not be able to see. You also might look very strange to some of the other people around you. You would not look strange of course, but (MORE)
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What is an eye for an eye?

This is a reference to the Bible verse in Leviticus about appropriate punishments. If someone was blinded in an eye, they were free to gouge out the eye of the person who blin (MORE)
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Why do we have eyes?

I we didn't have eyes we wouldn't be able to see things, therefor, we would be blind and then we could not see the things that we see today.
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When are your eyes not eyes?

what are you talking about i dont mean this in an ofensive way but seriously? I honesty dont beleive your eyes ever stop being eyes unless when you die and your a donor that t (MORE)
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Do you have an eye?

Girl look at my muscal