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Who is Elie Wiesel?

Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor. A Holocaust victim who survived and became the recipient of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize. Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel KBE ( /ˈɛli vÉ ( Full Answer )
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Who is Eli Whitney?

He invented the cotton gin and no one knows whether he is a white male or an African American. * Eli Whitney was a white male! i would know! he is related to me! and im whi ( Full Answer )
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How did Ely get the name?

Ely can be pronunced Ellie if it is short for 'Elysia'. Ely can also be pronounced E-Lie, it means pharris wheel.. Originally from Gaelic territory of Elye O'Carroll in King ( Full Answer )
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Who was Eli Whitney?

He invented the cotton gin and further developed the process of interchangeable parts. Had a factory at Mill Rock, Connecticut.
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What did Eli Whitney do?

Invented the cotton gin and the further developed the process of interchangeable parts. Here's a sort biography of his life: Eli Whitney was born no December 8 th , 1765 t ( Full Answer )
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Why and how did eli Whitney?

He invented an advanced and modern version of the Cotton Gin which revolutionized the speed at which cotton production could progress, and severely bolstered and accelerated e ( Full Answer )
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Is Chris with ely?

Yeah, they have going out at school (:. lol.. Um, nothing much else to say.
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Cambridge to Ely?

Cambridge-Ely is a short rail journey (14 miles or 22 km). You can also drive on the A10 or use a bus.
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Eli in The Bible?

Eli is, if that is what your asking, a priest who didn't stop his sons from mocking god, so god would punish Eli.
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Who is the messenger of Eli?

In Xena, the messenger of Eli was Eve, or formally known as Livia the bitch of Rome.
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Who was elie wieser?

a holocaust victim who survived and became the recipient of the 1986nobel peace prize. Elie Wiesel is an author and a foremost authority on the Holicaust since he is a surviv ( Full Answer )
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What did Eli weisel do?

Eli Weisel was a Holocaust survivor who wrote the book Night. He won the Nobel Peace prize for keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive and making sure that it never happen ( Full Answer )
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Why did Eli Whitney do what he did?

He was very mechanical at a young age and would work in his father's workshop on his farm in Westborough, MA. At a young age he became a mechanical handyman in the area or had ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Eli?

Kelly, jelly, belly, smelly, deli, Nelli (that's a real name) that is if Eli is pronounced L-E
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Who is Eli keating?

Eli Keating lives in Australia [One of the best conurty in the world]. In 2009 he was 9 years old. He is one of the best drumers in the world.
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What is ely greenstone?

Ely greenstone is a formation of Archean metamorphized pillow basalt found near the city of Ely, Minnesota. It dates to app 2.7 billion years, making it among the oldest rocks ( Full Answer )
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Who is Eli in The Bible?

Eli was a priest at Shiloh in the period of the judges (1 Samuel 1:3 , 9). Shiloh was about ten miles (16 kilometers) north of Jerusalem. Eli had two sons who were priests, Ho ( Full Answer )
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Why is elie whipped?

Elie Wiesel had seen Idek (a brutal Capo, that is a trusted prisoner) having sex with a female Polish prisoner. .
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What is the translation of the song Eli Eli?

Eli Eli (My God, My God) is a Hebrew song. Here is the singableEnglish translation of its lyrics: Eli, Eli /I pray that it neverwill end/ The sand and the sea and the waves br ( Full Answer )
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What shops are in ely?

City cycle centre, boots, fatface, pizza express, peacocks, m&co, super drug, Argos, Block buster, etc
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What is the Book of Eli about?

The movie takes place were there was a war 30 years ago and it destroyed everthing by a nuke bomb and while in recovery everyone forgot about what was right and wrong. so this ( Full Answer )
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Who is Eli and who was his decend?

Eli was a Priest and Judge of Israel; his sons were Phinehas andHophni. He put his sons above God, because Eli would not controlthem. God cursed Eli's descendants with short l ( Full Answer )
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Did Eli have a wife?

Maybe, maybe not. The Bible never said but someone obviously gave birth to his sons.
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Was Eli a prophet?

No actually Eli was a priest in the temple when Samuel was given as a baby boy in the temple by his mother.
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What did Eli do in bible?

Eli was a priest in the book of Samuel, but he failed to control his sons from doing wrong against god.
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What about Eli Whitney?

Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin so there would be more cotton cleaned per day Before Cotton Gin: 1 slave cleaned 1 lb. of cotton per day Post Cotton Gin: 1 slave cleaned ( Full Answer )
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Who is elie wiesel and where is he from?

Elie Wiesel was a Jew who survived the Holocaust and wrote a novella about it. He was from Sighet, Transylvania, Romania.
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What is eli lilly about and what does it do?

Eli lilly is a pharmaceutical company that makes healthcare products. It's supposed to be healthy if you take their products. It might be worth trying.
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What did Eli do from The Bible?

One thought : Eli was a high priest who judged Israel for 40 years. He is remembered for sitting outside the tabernacle and reprimanding godly Hannah, whom he mistakenly ( Full Answer )
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What are the of elis sons?

I don't know what you mean by "What are the" but I can tell you who they are and what they did. Hophni and Phinehas were their names. They were priests at the tabernacle, but ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of Eli?

Eli could be a nickname like mine,short kind of names and it sometimes means strang
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Is there an Eli in The Bible?

Yes. Eli was a priest and judge in the time of the book of 1rst Samuel.
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What did Elie do in the Holocaust?

From another standpoint, transistors were smaller in size, didn't require high voltage power supplies, and dissipated less heat Read more: ( Full Answer )
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Who is Elie Hirschfeld?

Elie Hirschfeld is an American real estate developer, theatrical producer, philanthropist and art collector based in New York City. Elie Hirschfeld serves as president of Hir ( Full Answer )
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Why is Eli a name?

I'm pretty sure there is a story in the bible about Eli and Sam. Sam is asleep and God keeps talking to him but he think it is Elior something like that.