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Who is Eli Whitney?

He invented the cotton gin and no one knows whether he is a white male or an African American. * Eli Whitney was a white male! i would know! he is related to me! and im whi (MORE)
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Why and how did eli Whitney?

He invented an advanced and modern version of the Cotton Gin which revolutionized the speed at which cotton production could progress, and severely bolstered and accelerated e (MORE)
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Where was Eli whitley from?

Eli Whitney , inventor of the cotton gin, was born in Westboro, Massachusetts.
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Is Chris with ely?

Yeah, they have going out at school (:. lol.. Um, nothing much else to say.
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Who does Eli like?

no one but friends and family...but that'll soon change...
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What is the translation of the song Eli Eli?

Eli Eli (My God, My God) is a Hebrew song. Here is the singableEnglish translation of its lyrics: Eli, Eli /I pray that it neverwill end/ The sand and the sea and the waves br (MORE)
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Who is Eli and who was his decend?

Eli was a Priest and Judge of Israel; his sons were Phinehas andHophni. He put his sons above God, because Eli would not controlthem. God cursed Eli's descendants with short l (MORE)
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Who is Eli McDonald?

Eli McDonald and Harriett Lain, married February 15, 1827.
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Was Eli a prophet?

No actually Eli was a priest in the temple when Samuel was given as a baby boy in the temple by his mother.
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What is eli lilly about and what does it do?

Eli lilly is a pharmaceutical company that makes healthcare products. It's supposed to be healthy if you take their products. It might be worth trying.
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What is the definition of Eli?

Eli could be a nickname like mine,short kind of names and it sometimes means strang
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What did Elie do in the Holocaust?

From another standpoint, transistors were smaller in size, didn't require high voltage power supplies, and dissipated less heat Read more: (MORE)
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Who is Elie Hirschfeld?

Elie Hirschfeld is an American real estate developer, theatrical producer, philanthropist and art collector based in New York City. Elie Hirschfeld serves as president of Hir (MORE)
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Why is Eli a name?

I'm pretty sure there is a story in the bible about Eli and Sam. Sam is asleep and God keeps talking to him but he think it is Elior something like that.
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Who is Elie DOTE?

Elie DOTE is the Prime Minister of Central African Republic.