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Who was Ella Baker?

Ella Baker was an African-American human and civil rights activist.She was responsible for arranging things behind the scenes on thesetypes of campaigns for nearly 50 years.
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Do you like ella?

Yea of course my name is Ella!! so is mine and i luv me and so do my friends. If u dont belive her im one of her friends and shes really nice to me but dont get on her bad s (MORE)
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What did Ella Fitzgerald do?

Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million a (MORE)
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Who was and what did ella Fitzgerald do?

Birth Name: Ella Jane Fitzgerald Also Known As: First Lady Of Song, Lady Ella Born: 25 April 1917 Newport News, Virginia, US Origin: Yonkers, New York Died: June 15 1996 Aged (MORE)
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Does Ella have a mother?

My name is Ella. I do, in fact, have a mother. Thank you for asking.
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Who is ella enchanted?

It's a book. a movie was made about it but the book is ten times better. And way different! About girl who has a "Gift" put on her, by a fool of a fairy Lucina. Read it if y (MORE)
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What is Ella short for?

Elizabeth, a name with at least 40 pronounceable variants and diminutives, such as Betty, Liz, yea, even Zsa Zsa.
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Who is Ella Tuttle?

Ella Tuttle is a character in the "summer boys" series , written by Haley Abbot.
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Who is Ella frizadre?

She was a girl who I dont know of but I do know she is a girl.
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What is Ella in Welsh?

Welsh doesn't have equivalents for every English name and usually they are left in the original spelling. Elen is a Welsh name.