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Who is ella Allen?

Ella Allen is a West Australian artist whose works deal with the inner dialogue, the journey of personal growth and exploration of the human spirit. Her website is at http://e ( Full Answer )
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Who was Ella Baker?

Ella Baker was an African-American human and civil rights activist.She was responsible for arranging things behind the scenes on thesetypes of campaigns for nearly 50 years.
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Do you like ella?

Yea of course my name is Ella!! so is mine and i luv me and so do my friends. If u dont belive her im one of her friends and shes really nice to me but dont get on her bad s ( Full Answer )
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What did Ella Fitzgerald do?

Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million a ( Full Answer )
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Who was and what did ella Fitzgerald do?

Birth Name: Ella Jane Fitzgerald Also Known As: First Lady Of Song, Lady Ella Born: 25 April 1917 Newport News, Virginia, US Origin: Yonkers, New York Died: June 15 1996 Aged ( Full Answer )
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Does Ella have a mother?

My name is Ella. I do, in fact, have a mother. Thank you for asking.
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Who is ella enchanted?

It's a book. a movie was made about it but the book is ten times better. And way different! About girl who has a "Gift" put on her, by a fool of a fairy Lucina. Read it if y ( Full Answer )
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Is Ella in The Bible?

i think so Ellasar is in the bible at Genesis 14:1 Arioch king of Ellasar
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What time period does ella live in in the book just ella?

The novel Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix's time period is during traditional medieval times. However, there are no specific years in which it took place! S1h1a2m1n1
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What is Ella short for?

Elizabeth, a name with at least 40 pronounceable variants and diminutives, such as Betty, Liz, yea, even Zsa Zsa.
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Who is the leader of Ellas?

Maryam Khan (Μαρυάμ Καν), the leader of Ellas, is a God who ruled Greece for 128 years. She was the God of miracles and magic and she was belived th ( Full Answer )
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Who was Pamela in Ella enchanted book?

Pamela is the daughter of one of Ella's servants. She and Ella are friends when Ella is 8. Ella tells Pamela about the curse and Pamela starts ordering Ella to do things that ( Full Answer )
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Was Ella Fitzgerald easy to get along with?

Ella Fitzgerald was a friendly person who signed autographs with no problem at all...considering that she was one of the best jazz singers in the century of the 1990s she had ( Full Answer )
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How does Ella brake the curse?

Ella, brakes the curse bestowed to her by denying the fact that she loves Prince Charmont, but all along she truly loves him. In other words Ella denies her love for Charmont. ( Full Answer )
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How did Ella Fitzgarled change the world?

Ella Fitzgerald helped blacks by singing and standing up for African Americans through her voice instead of fighting
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Who are Ruth Ella Moore's parents?

Ruth ella Moore is a very good and loves to eat chicken and love to play different acttiveitys all the time
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In Ella Enchanted does Mandy have wings?

It would be assumed that Mandy does not have wings, as she passed as a simple cook for centuries. Also, if she had wings, more people than just Ella would know she was a fairy ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Ella baker?

1.)She was arrested in the Montgomery Bus Boycott 2.)My parents are Georgina and Blake Baker 3.)I was validvictorian in college 4.)I majored in sociology
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What are five facts about ella baker?

1.) She worked with Martin Luther King Jr. 2.)She died on her birthday. (December 13, 1903-December 13,1986) 3.) She was married t T.J. Roberts 4.)She Worked with the NAACP 5 ( Full Answer )
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Did Ella Fitzgerald dance?

Ella never danced but it was always her dream she even said "i never forefelled myself as being a singer i always wanted to be a dancer"
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What degree did Ruth ella Moore get?

Ruth Ella Moore had 4 main degrees in Bacteriology. She recieved a Doctorate Degree, Bacholor of Science, Master of Arts, and a Ph. D.
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What are 8 commands Hattie in Ella Enchanted gave Ella?

There are mostly commands in the book than the movie. Commands in the movie: 1. Hand over your necklace, i quite exactly like it.\ 2. Show your closet to us. 3. You back off. ( Full Answer )
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What is Ella Bleu Travolta famous for?

ella bleu travolta is famous for her wonderful singing and dancing and acting she gets in from her sexy dad jhon travolta
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What does el and ella mean in English?

él (with the accent mark over the e) means him and ella means "she". El (without the accent mark over the e) means "the".
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Facts about ella Fitzgerald?

Ella Fitzgerald Was Born On April 25th 1917 some people call he the first lady of song.Some call her lad Ella. her favorite sports team was the Los Angela's Dodgers and Lakers ( Full Answer )
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Where are ella and max on Panfu?

When you first start Panfu Ella and max are in your tree house until you have made your jacket but once you have done that they disappear.
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How does Ella disobey orders in ella enchanted?

She would, if asked to hold the bowl while Mandy whipped the eggs, walk around the kitchen and Mandy would have to follow. However, she still has to do as told like, if told t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ella Tuttle?

Ella Tuttle is a character in the "summer boys" series , written by Haley Abbot.
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Who is Ella frizadre?

She was a girl who I dont know of but I do know she is a girl.
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What is Ella in Welsh?

Welsh doesn't have equivalents for every English name and usually they are left in the original spelling. Elen is a Welsh name.