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In Economics

Will the UK eneter a recession soon?

At the moment it seems likely that the UK will enter a recession officially on paper sometime in early January 2009. Although some would say that we are already in a recession ( Full Answer )
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What is the toll for enetering the underworld?

I don't know, but I know that you have to have a coin to get in. That's why the ancient Greeks buried their dead with coins under their tongues.
In Nintendo DS

Need help I need all the Pokemon Heart Gold Arceus Event Text Translated into English all of it after enetering the shinnoha ruins all text Cynthias text what does all of Cynthia's text say?

you don't need to what you do is get rid of all your Pokemon except arceus and one you talk to Cynthia she goes into the ruins. follow her and talk to her and eventually she w ( Full Answer )
In Skateboarding

How do you eneter the game access code for your ea game?

Before you play your game, it should ask for the 25 (or however many characters) character code. The code is located either on the information manual or inside the game case. ( Full Answer )
In Colleges and Universities

Is it necessary to take an entrance exam to eneter in college?

It's up to each college to determine whether or not an entrance exam is required in order to matriculate. In the broadest sense, no, since there are some colleges which do n ( Full Answer )
In Genital Herpes

Where does the genital herpes eneter the body?

It usually enters through mucous mebranes (wet areas) of the body more commonly the mouth or genitals. Herpes is not typically passed through blood or cuts.
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Who was the emperor of rome as it enetered a 200- year period of peace and great prosperity?

Augustus was the emperor of Rome as it entered the period of peace and prosperity which is known as the Pax Romana. Augustus was the emperor of Rome as it entered the period ( Full Answer )