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What is the Erie Canal?

The Erie Canal is a man made waterway from Albany, NY to Lake Erie.It was funded by Dewitt Clinton and took eight years to build. Itwas completed on October 26, 1825. The Erie (MORE)
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Where is the Erie Canal?

The Erie Canal is in New York state between Albany and Buffalo, NY.
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What is lake Erie?

Lake Erie is a lake that is above Ohio. Lake Erie is a really big lake and if you ever cross that lake you will be in a different state! And it is possible to have a few shark (MORE)
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Where is the Erie cannal?

The Erie Canal is a man-made canal stretching from Albany, New York to Buffalo, New York.
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Erie in Ireland?

Erie is one of the 5 great lakes, found between the USA and Canada. Éire is the name for Ireland in the Irish language.
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What does Erie mean?

Erie was a tribe of Indians. Today it is a Great Lake, a county in Ohio, or a city in northwest Pennsylvania.
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What was the Erie Canal?

Dewitt Clinton was the man who pushed for the Erie canal. At firstno one thought it would any success what so ever. People called it"Clinton's Ditch". Then, in 1825 the Erie C (MORE)
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What is the Erie Canal and what does it do?

The Erie Canal was made so that the barges could travel faster onthe route from New York to the Midwest. It was later replaced byrailroads.
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Is Erie a town?

Yes, there is a town called Erie on the edge of Lake Erie.
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What is the population of Erie?

As of the 2000 census, the population of the city of Erie was 103,717. The Census Bureau gave a 2005-2007 estimate of 100,393.
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What was Eris' power?

She was the goddess of chaos, upheaval, and change. The most famous story still circulating about this wily trouble-maker is that of the Golden Apple. There was to be a (MORE)
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Why is Lake Erie called Lake Erie?

Lake Erie was named after the first nations people of the same name.. See the link below for more information.
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What is Eris' symbol?

It is a line (straight down) with two curves on each side like this: )|( but connected
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What is the difference of Erie Canal and Lake Erie?

Lake Erie is the second smallest of the great lakes and one of the largest lakes in North America. The Erie Canal is a canal that connects Lake Erie to the Hudson River.
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What is Eris' birthplace?

It is not known where Eris, daughter of Zeus and Hera was born. Less likely known is the birthplace of the daughter of Nyx, also called Eris.
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What is Eris' composition?

In Eris you can find methane ice. The surface of the planet Eris isgrey in color because of the methane that lies over the wholeplanet. The composition of this planet is simil (MORE)
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Is lake Erie located in Erie?

No. Lake Erie is far to big to be contained by a city. Erie is on the coast of Lake Erie.
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Is Erie a name?

If you want it to be, yea it can. Here are some other names similar to erie: eric edward eddie Those are the names I know. I hope my answer helped. Good luck!
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What did the Erie Canal link Lake Erie with?

The Canal linked Albany to Buffalo. From Buffalo people could tothe Midwest. Farm produce from Canada, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois,and Indiana could get to New York. Immigrants f (MORE)
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What does Erie canal do?

The Erie Canal was built between 1817 and 1825 under the direction of New York State Governor De Witt Clinton. . It runs East-West across NY State from near Albany (on the (MORE)