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Who is Eris?

Eris is another dwarf planet that is sometimes called Pluto's twin. All though, it is slightly bigger than pluto. It was named after Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord.
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What was the Erie Canal?

Dewitt Clinton was the man who pushed for the Erie canal. At firstno one thought it would any success what so ever. People called it"Clinton's Ditch". Then, in 1825 the Erie C ( Full Answer )
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What is the Erie Canal and what does it do?

The Erie Canal was made so that the barges could travel faster onthe route from New York to the Midwest. It was later replaced byrailroads.
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Who was Eris?

Eris is the Greek Goddess of Spite (in Gr. Έρις ). She is the elder daughter of dark Night, Nyx (in Gr. Νύχτα). Her brother is Ares, God of War. She ( Full Answer )
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How did Eris get its name Eris?

Its name come from a goddess in the ancient Greek and Romanmythology. It's named after the goddess Eris god of chaos.
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What is Eris?

Eris is the name of the Greek goddess, who is the goddess of hatred, jealousy, and battle. She is the daughter of Aphrodite the love and beauty goddess and Ares the war god. S ( Full Answer )
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Did Eris have children?

Yes, as the daughter of Nyx, or of Zeus and Hera - sister of Ares (War); she bore; Ponus (Toil) Lethe (Oblivion) Limos (Hunger) The Algea (Suffering in Mind/Body) Th ( Full Answer )
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What god is Eris?

She is the Greek goddess of quarrels. The Romans called her "Discordia". The most famous story about her is that she interrupted a wedding by throwing down a golden apple lab ( Full Answer )
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Why is Eris not a star?

Eris is not a Star as it does not have the required mass or composition to begin Nuclear Fussion turning Hydrogen into Helium. Although it is point of light in the sky it is o ( Full Answer )
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Is lake Erie located in Erie?

No. Lake Erie is far to big to be contained by a city. Erie is on the coast of Lake Erie.