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Why doesn't one button the bottom button on a suit or waistcoat?

Answer . The tradition of leaving the bottom button of a coat undone started as a fashion choice. Coats are designed to flare away at the bottom, since the hips are (genera (MORE)
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How can i fix a bricked ipod touch i tried holding the power and the home button until you see the power cord going into the disc but it doesn't work what should i do?

Well try putting the iPod into recovery mode by turning off the iPod by holding down the Hold and Home button, and then disconnect it from the sync cable then hold down just t (MORE)
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Middle button on iPod not working. How can i fix it?

\nThere are 3 options:\n. \n1. Give it a good charge on the computer.\n. \n2. Erase all your songs on it so it has a chance to recover\n. \n3. Go to the Apple store and exp (MORE)
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Why doesn't 3G work on my iPhone?

\n. \nThere is a small chance you have no enabled 3G. To do this follow these steps.\n. \nGo to Settings > General > Network and Enable 3G should be set to on.\n. \nAlso you (MORE)
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The buttons on your ipod dont work how do you fix it?

As with almost any mp3 player, there is a little switch on the bottom of the iPod. If it shows red, it is locked and the iPod will not work. Try switching it to where it shows (MORE)
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How can you fix the keyless entry on a 2000 Nissan Xterra the other functions work except for unlock button?

You may wish to check your remote control(s). There is a four-pronged button assembly which is soldered onto the printed circuit board inside the remote unit which may come lo (MORE)
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Should you buy the nexus one or the iPhone 3gs?

I PHONE 3GS is my answer. Although nexus has higher processor, camera and ram and so does its internet speed but this does not mean that you buy it. i phone 3gs has its own ad (MORE)
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Why is your iPod home button not working?

Well it depends on different situations. If you know that your ipod got wet or something like that, it just takes time for the system to reset itself. If its a software proble (MORE)
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What if your iPhone home button wont work?

try restoring your iPhone and if that doesn't work, try taking it to the apple store to get it fixed/ thank uu./cause i tried that last night on my computer but it wouldn't (MORE)
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IPod Nano 3rd generation center button doesn't work?

My iPod nano used to work fine and now I have to press the center button repeatedly to get it to work at all. I tried resetting it in all ways possible and now it is getting r (MORE)
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Can you claim new iPhone 4 if home button brakes?

Provided its not your fault you should be able to get it repaired and the handset is not out of warranty. If your phone is affected altogether you might get a replacement but (MORE)
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How do you fix iPod touch fourth gen home button?

OK it depends on where you bought your ipod touch 4th gen and if you have a 1 year warranty, basically in every store you are suppose to have a a 1 year warranty but you have (MORE)
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How To fix a broken Iphone 3G?

press and hold the home button for 10-20 seconds. if it doesn't work, you have to replace it by calling the apple company